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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Don't annoy others and don't get easily annoyed by others.
  2. No advertisements of commercial products.
  3. No distribution of copyrighted material.
  4. Do not upload material for which you don't have the rights
  5. No automated posts by bots, except when you have permission to do so by the server admins
  6. Don't abuse this service or server.
  7. Treat other how you want to be treated by them - with respect!
  8. This is a service running on a private server and as a friendly user you are welcome to use this service, but in the end the server admin can cancel user accounts and will do when the user misbehaves. The admin will decide in the end.
  9. No spamming of any kind.
  10. Be friendly and polite to each other
  11. No hate speech, no discrimination of others, regardless of their age, gender, nationality or whatever
  12. Valid mail address required! You'll receive reminder mail after 6 months of inactivity to log in again. If you don't react to those mails, your account will be deleted after 7 months of inactivity.
  13. Allowed languages are German and English.
  14. This service is free of cost for you. However offering this service does have cost implications. If you can afford some cents per week it would be great when you could contribute in sharing the server costs. Of course this voluntarily for you.


Be excellent to each other. Wenn Du erwartest, von anderen freundlich behandelt zu werden, behandle auch die Anderen freundlich. Hier ist kein Platz für Hassreden oder für Nazis. Keine Bots im Allgemeinen! (nur nach vorheriger Genehmigung).

Du brauchst eine dauerhaft gültige E-Mail-Adresse zur Registrierung. Wenn Du 6 Monate inaktiv bist, wirst Du automatisch 4-mal (jede Woche einmal) per E-Mail daran erinnert, dich erneut über das Webinterface einzuloggen. Nach 7 Monaten Inaktivität wird dein Account unwiderbringlich gelöscht.

Folge @order@nerdculture.de für Informationen über Server Updates oder Probleme. Dieser Account wird nur genutzt, um Informationen über den Server selber zu verbreiten.

Primärer Sprache hier ist Deutsch. Englisch ist auch erlaubt. Andere Sprachen bitte nicht, da wir sie im Zweifel nicht moderieren können.

Wenn etwas mal technische Probleme gibt, erstelle bitte ein Ticket:

Wenn Du den Betrieb des Servers unterstützen möchtest, kannst Du dies über LiberaPay machen:


Be excellent to each other. When you expect to be treated nicely by others, be nice & polite to others yourself. There is no place for hate speech or for Nazis on this site. No bots in general! (only with prior permission).

You'll need a permanently valid mail address for registration. If you are inactive for 6 months, you'll get a weekly reminder by mail for 4 weeks to login again. If you don't do so, your account will automatically be deleted after 7 months of inactivity.

Follow @order@nerdculture.de for information about server updates/issues. That account is only used for to spread information regarding the server itself.

Primary language on this server is German, English is allowed as well. Other languages have the problem that we cannot moderate it.

If there are technical issues, please open a support ticket: