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Dear users on,

this is the new account that will be used to spread information regarding the server itself, like upgrades, issues, maintenance, etc...

So please keep this account in your contact list.

PS: Welcome to all new users!

Liebe Nutzerinnen & Nutzer,

wenn Du dich über diesen Service freust, kannst Du ihn mit einer Spende unterstützen.

Auf Liberapay:


Dear users,

if you are happy using this service, you might considering to support us with a small donation as well.

You can do so at Liberapay:

Frohes neues Jahr allen Userinnen und Usern! Bleibt gesund & lasst euch impfen - auf dass die Pandemie hoffentlich bald vorüber ist!

Happy New Year to all users! Stay healthy and get your vaccination - so that pandemic will hopefully end soon!

Liebe Nutzerinnen und Ntzer,
I wünsche euch allen, aber auch euren Familien und Freunden, ein schoenes Fest und alles Gute fuer die Weihnachtstage oder welches Fest ihr auch immer in dieser Zeit feiern moegt.
Bleibt gesund und achtet auf euch selbst!

euer Mastodon XMPP Server Admin

Dear users,

I wish you all the best for you, your family and your friends and that all of you will have a good time during the seasonal holidays, whatever you call it!
Stay healthy and take care of yourself.

your Mastodon/XMPP server admin

FYI: I've deactivated Full Text Search on this instance for now.

Let's wait the next days...

Because of necessary security updates the server will be rebooted this evening somewhen after 18:00 CET.
Expect like 15-30 mins downtime.

The Mastodon on this instance was updated today to v.3.4.4.

The Mastodon on this instance was updated today to v.3.4.3.

Reboot finished, everything should be back to normal.

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Today (late afternoon/early evening CEST) there will be a server reboot to install some security updates.

Expect some downtime (maybe 30 mins or so).
There will be short notice some minutes before the reboot, though...

We're back on track... service is restored with more storage space... sorry for the long downtime...

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There wil be some downtime today, because I need to extend the storage for Mastodon.

There were some maintenance work over the weekend that resulted in >125k backlogged jobs.

I've increased the number of database connections from 25 to 100. The backlog is now clearing up step by step.

Reboot done, everything should be back to normal. If not, please report...

(except that the timeline might be empty. this is a known issue)

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This evenening I'll reboot the server. Expect some downtime.

There will be a short notice right before going down...

Ok, this was weird...

After the upgrade something went wrong and Mastodon didn't work any more over here.

It took me a while fiddling around with errors, reinstalling ruby, bundle install and such things.

It looked similar to but I'm still unsure if I hit that issue.

However, Mastodon seems to run again now and I'm sorry for the downtime.

I'm currently upgrading the server and virtual machines to the new Debian Bullseye.

During the upgrade services might be unavailable for some time, because the service will be stopped by the package management.

Stay tuned!

Some users reported that logging in to XMPP with their username (camelCaseUsername) didn't work. I've updated the authentication script to the current version that includes some checks regarding non-lowercase usernames.

Basically for the XMPP server it doesn't matter, but for the authentication script looking up your usernames it might. So, please report back if you try to use XMPP with your account, but get authentication errors.

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