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Dear users on,

this is the new account that will be used to spread information regarding the server itself, like upgrades, issues, maintenance, etc...

So please keep this account in your contact list.

PS: Welcome to all new users!


All Nerdculture users can use XMPP chat with thir credentials - now even with audio/video calls when the client supports this feature, e.g. Conversations on Android.
You can find more information here:

So get a XMPP client and start communication via XMPP!

Sorry for the service interruption. The server was unresponsive and needed to be rebooted.

Nerdculture just upgraded to v3.5.3

You can read what changed in this version in the changelog at

Some technical details:

Old server:
6 Core Xeon, 128 GB RAM, 4x 2 TB HDD RAID10

New Server:
2x 14 Core, 256 GB RAM, 4x 1 TB NVMe RAID10 , 4x 4 TB SSD ZFS RAID10, 2x 18 TB HDD RAID1

Transferred data:
Approx. 2.5 TB via 1 Gbit/s MAN network between Duesseldorf & Dortmund, Germany with up to 120 MB/s

Please consider supporting us:
- Server costs:
- LiberaPay:

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Dear users,

maintenance has been finished and all virtual machines are now running on the new server.

You may experience faster page load times.

If you experience any errors, please report on

Have fun!


In 10 mins the server will be shutdown for maintenance and relocation of the service to a new host.

Expect a long downtime for several hours!

Thanks for your understanding!



Maintenance pending!

Most likely I will migrate this service to a new faster server during this Sunday.

Expect some extended downtime!

If someone from the newly registered users are missing friends that tried to registered here as well:

it might be that they are using Google Mail as their mail backend, be it directly or as a forwarding destination.

This doesn't work and Google is refusing our mails and I won't invest any time trying to debug this mess of Google. Complain to them.

Thanks for your understanding.

Dear new users,

welcome to the Fediverse! Take your time and get familiar with how the Fediverse is working.

But one thing:
This server is intended for German & English speaking people.

But relax! I will not enforce this policy until migration of accounts is working again. It is currently broken in v3.5.1 of Mastodon.

Dear users,

please also notice the announcements right above your timeline.

Just click on the depicted icon in the screenshot to see the latest announcements.

There are currently two announcements active:
1) Donations are welcome
2) You can use XMPP along with your Mastodon account.

Have fun!

That being said:

the new server is already on the way to the colocation (see screenshot).

In the next days I'll start with some maintenance work and migrate all services to the new machine.

Watch out for some maintenance and downtime announcements!

Of course this service is free of cost to use - but it is not free of cost to operate and to offer it to you.

Supporting this service voluntarily by some small amount of money helps to provide this service as it is now.

Please remember that the mostly consists of people that are committing their spare time and personal money to provide others with a free service.

On Twitter, on the other hand, you have adds and your data is being sold to other company. But not here.

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A very warm welcome to all new users!

Sadly I can't welcome all of you personally or boost your when you're

Please also follow the server rules as I already needed to suspend a few users.

If you enjoy being here, please also consider supporting us with some money. You can see our server costs over here:

... and you can support us via LiberaPay here:

(IBAN on request)

The server will be rebooted in a few minutes due to a security update of the underlying virtualization platform.

BTW, I upgraded yesterday to newly released Mastodon v3.5.1 ✅

New in Mastodon v3.5.0 is, for example, the option to automatically delete old posts of you.

You can find it here:

Side note: when logging out & in again I needed to enter a security code sent to my mail address .

So be sure to have a valid & working mail address in your account settings!

This is a ToS thing anyway on this instance.

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Just upgraded to new Mastodon release v3.5.0 - you can read what's hot & new here ->

Mastodon v3.5.0 has been released.

According to my experience with the pre-release: please expect some downtime, because updating Mastodon is a complex task when you also need to deal with ruby versions and updates and dependency issues...

Sorry for the unplanned downtime. There was an issue with the underlying virtualization system that brought down all the virtual machines and the network.

It took some time to get this fixed.

I think it's really time for the new server...

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All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, sei humanistisch, keine Nazis, keine Hassrede. Nicht nur für Nerds, aber die Domain ist irgendwie cool. ;) Keine Bots im Allgemeinen erlaubt! (nur mit vorheriger Genehmigung). Sprache ist hier hauptsächlich Deutsch, Englisch auch erlaubt. --- All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission). Main language is German, English is allowed.