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Some days ago my computer showed some strange behaviour. The reason was... reading two documents in adobe acrobat reader took 41GB RAM.
If I want to read another document simultaneously I should definitely increase my memory. :blobthinkingeyes:

How does it look like when smoothed particles in a hydrodynamic simulation are doing nothing? Like this.. There is a small amount of initial energy and as you can see, no energy is lost 😆

Some years ago I wrote a basic finite element solver in GNU Octave to be able to do some basic studys just for fun. Here is an example. Do we need to have more than 1 element over the thickness when meshing thin structures using solids? It depends. You do not when you have higher order elements. You do when you have 8 node solids. Here you see a nodal plot of a cantilever beam in different meshings with 8 node solids. The results are compared to the analytical solution.

Hallo von mir, ich bin ein Ingenieur und Softwareentwickler aus dem Norden Deutschlands und seit jeher ein Fan von dezentralen Systemen wie diesem hier. Trotzdem bin ich hier komplett neu und sehe noch null durch. Ich werde vermutlich erstmal mehr lesend unterwegs sein. Tröt! :ageblobcat:

Today in a northern town of germany. Russian-speaking Ukrainian children play in the park in a peaceful atmosphere. Is this the Russian-speaking minority that Russia wants to protect from Ukrainian Nazis? 🤔
Then... german football fans entering the scene. Slowly all people start leaving the place. What a strange view.

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