Please don't preorder/buy a digital edition of the live coding book coming out at the end of Nov on MIT press. It's open access and will be freely available as mobi, epub and pdf. They're also selling digital editions separately (despite us paying an open access subvention with public funds).
The ebooks will be free to download, edit and share under a CC-BY-SA license on their website, but hidden under the 'resources' tab. We're discussing how to make this clearer..

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Two amazingly courageous, smart, & enthusiastic young men genuinly committed to making the world better through #openscience. "What's the most important thing you could be working on right now? Why aren't you?"

Jon Tennant (@Protohedgehog), 1988-2020
Aaron Schwartz, 1986-2013


I think the Queen would want us all to live the way she did, with free public housing, basic universal income, and full government health care.


@zladuric @aral This is the perfect approach. Writing a test to prove things work right now is useless (duh, you know what use case you designed it for, of course it will work). Defending your project against the future idiot who is going to f things up (most likely yourself) is the right attitude and will lead to proper tests. Love it!

Eine weitere Erhebung zeigt nun: Das #9EuroTicket ist effektiver als Wissings Sofortprogramm! Es ist gerecht, trägt zum Klimaschutz bei und muss deshalb dauerhaft gelten. Dafür wurden heute in Berlin die Straßen geflutet! ✊🚍
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Vom #9EuroTicket-Sonderzug auf die Straße: Verkehrswende JETZT! 💪

In term of carbon footprint, anyone knows what is the difference between sending a pdf via a newsletter against via a slack channel (let£s say 50% of the people will actually open the pdf) ?
would love a source to convince people to stop sending attachment in the lab-newsletter.

“Social media wasn’t web 2.0, it’s what killed Web 2.0!”

I enjoyed this article on what web 2.0 actually was, and I’m tickled that I only saw it because @BenCollver posted it to comp.misc.

How did #hiphop culture spread around the globe? 🎵🌎 And how does hip hop knowledge help people link up across the world?

ERC funded Griff Rollefson @UCC is researching this phenomenum.

Want to know more? Watch ⬇️

@GLOBALCIPHER @cybergriff


Heute ist #EarthOvershootDay. Das bedeutet, dass ab heute die natürlichen Ressourcen für 2022 aufgebraucht sind. Verantwortlich für das Überschreiten der planetaren Grenzen sind Länder wie Deutschland, wobei unter den Klimafolgen vor allem Menschen im Globalen Süden leiden.

Am 23.09. ist Globaler Klimastreik. Bestelle jetzt kostenlos Aufkleber, um das Datum überall sichtbar zu machen!


@hostea was created this year by @realaravinth and @dachary with the modest ambition of making #GitHub redundant.

We would like Hostea to thrive as a #Zebra in a post-growth economy. But we are geeks with no sense of business or marketing whatsoever.

Do you know someone who might be willing to team up and make this happen? A person who would bring balance to Hostea with a strong inclination for business development in a Free Software frame.

Boost appreciated 🚀


@dachary & @realaravinth

A thing I wish more people in tech understood: Being able to choose your hardware at all, much less have the time to have opinions about it, is a major luxury, a sign of significant privilege.

An awful lot of people don't own their hardware. And I don't mean in the open source "you don't really own an android phone" sense, I mean it's a fleet vehicle work bought from the lowest bidder, locked down and handed them, or their parents (or controlling spouse) bought, or it's a library machine....

Wir lassen nicht zu, dass das EU-Parlament Atomkraft und Erdgas als nachhaltig einstuft!

Das gute ist: Wir haben es in der Hand, den absurden Vorschlag zu stoppen. Wie wir das schaffen, besprechen wir heute ab 19 Uhr live auf YouTube. Seid dabei!

Interested in , you should check our work in FAIR hardware: both closed and open hardware should be documented correctly, but what "correctly" should mean?

Notes about our discussion at & :

💚So viel ist passiert, seit @GretaThunberg vor 200 Wochen den Klimastreik startete!

🌏weltweit Millionen auf den Straßen
🗳Klima entscheidet Wahlen
❌aber auch immer neue fossile Projekte

📣Daher sind wir weiter aktiv & du kannst es auch sein! Melde dich bei deiner Ortsgruppe!

Top conference tip: presentations in many fields become a lot more coherent when you mentally replace "artificial intelligence" and "machine learning" with "a statistical approach" 😉

#accessibility post i found on tumblr:

some of you may've heard about that fancy "bionic reading" typefont thats supposed to be easier for #neurodivergent people to read (if you're unfamiliar, it bolds the first few letters of each word to make it easier to follow)

well guess what, its locked behind a $500 a month API to write in because fuck you!

introducing, Not Bionic Reading! it is literally just the bionic reading typefont but for free. god bless neocities

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