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After a long time, the server released its next stable version 0.12. It was time well spend, there is a big leap in features, just to pick one, I want to highlight the invite system. Known from the sister project .org. Simple onboarding! But see for yourself all the other features that make it even easier then before to selfhost a good decentralized chat software, that is as extendable as the protocol itself.

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📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » AI

An online painting competition where the jury who picks the best drawings is... an AI.

#lotw #ai #computers #web

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So what went into #Prosody trunk in September?

Some new API bindings of OpenSSL crypto functions, adding support for asymmetric JWT and other things.
Compatibility in-progress SASL2 work.
Fixes for the new roles and permissions framework in MUC.
Fix related to precision timestamps and SQL storage.

#xmpp #dev

Next question :
Will the personal info, like the website and avatar ever update from the or will it stay the same on mastodon forever after I changed it in WordPress?

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📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Computers » Fun » Parodies

An Windows XP parody that actually looks the part quite well — but is functionally incomplete.

#lotw #parodies #fun #computers #web

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Totalitäre Überwachungsphantasien wie die der #Vorratsdatenspeicherung gehören auf den Müllhaufen der Geschichte!

Nach #EuGH-Urteil gegen deutsche Regelungen zur #VDS verlangen die Innenminister•innen der Länder nun doch zumindest alle IP-Adressen zu speichern.
"Anlassbezogen alle Daten auf Vorrat" - Hakt's?!

#StopVDS #FCKVDS #Piraten

Piratisierer - Piraten.Tools

Is anyone using the acitvity-pub addon? Is it possible to follow the whole blog, or can I only follow a specific user?

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I've just merged the code for the last step (but the security audit) of the #Libervia #XMPP#ActivityPub gateway, that is the events / #Mobilizon compatibility!

With that comes a new protoXEP to handle events with XMPP.

I'll publish a blog post to explain all that (probably not before a week), consider it alpha quality for now, I'll stabilize in coming months.

I'm relieved to have reached this step, this was a huge amount of work.

Thanks a lot to #NLnet / #NGI0 for making this possible!

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So, nachdem der erste Test ganz gut funktioniert hat mit der Umfrage aus Hubzilla, die u.a. mehr Antwortoptionen bietet, hier nun eine kleine #Umfrage #Poll zum Thema Mobil-OS:

📲 Mich würde interessieren, welche Betriebssysteme Ihr für Handys/Smartphones, Tablets verwendet.
Als Antwort gerne auch ausführen, warum bzw. warum nicht / nicht mehr.

#iOS #Android #LineageOS #MicroG #CalyxOS #GrapheneOS #eOS #DivestOS #iodeOS #VollaOS #SailfishOS #GApps #ungoogled #CustomROM #UbuntuTouch #PostmarketOS #LinuxPhones

@Umfragen @caos @caos

Welche(s) Mobil-OS nutzt Ihr? - iOS, Android, Custom ROMs, Linux o.a.?
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Yesterday evening in Rostock. At this place, years ago the neptun ship yard was one of the biggest yards of the former "German Democratic 😂 Republic". You can still see the crane in the background. Now it is a place for apartment houses.

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✨️ Mein neuer Webcomic! 🎉️

Gerade frisch erschienen - „Contra Chrome“:


Untertitel: Warum #Google​s Browser #Datenschutz und #Demokratie gefährdet.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegane Piranhas und alles, was ihr immer schon über #Chrome wissen wolltet aber nie zu fragen wagtet!

Online lesen oder kostenlos downloaden. In jedem Fall viel Spaß! 😊

Und wenn der #Comic euch gefällt, bitte boosten, tweeten, weitersagen!

#comics #webcomic #webcomics #kunst

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Ein weiteres stumpfes Überwachungswerkzeug und ein Einfallstor für Kriminelle und weitere Grundrechtseinschränkgen für... ja für was eigentlich?

#Piraten #Utopie25 #E2EE #CryptoWars

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#XMPP Events

Jabber/XMPP #Hack Night in #Berlin:

We will hack on Jabber/XMPP software (@dino, @kaidan, sms4you). Join us and hack on your favourite Jabber/XMPP project!

Wed, 2022-09-14 18:00 CEST in xHain hack+makespace, Grünberger Str. 16, 10243 Berlin

#jabber #xhain #sms

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📎 Link of the day:
📂 Category: Arts

Beautiful hand-drawn animated tram ride. Just hold left or right to move. Might not work on computers.

#lotw #arts #web

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PSA: By replacing your morning coffee with green tea, you can lose up to 87% of what little joy you still have in your life.
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Kaidan will receive a grant for end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls:

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