Granted, I haven't read every book in the world, but it occurred to me today that I can't be the only American reader who has noticed that probably 3 of the best known of French "classics" (that aren't about war or revolution) are about "disfigured" men looking for love and/or acceptance in the world: The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cyrano de Bergerac, and The Phantom of the Opera.

And on that note, I just got the Blu-Ray of "Cyrano" in the mail and am going to watch Peter Dinklage sing.

Gave Shirataki noodles a shot only the way a scared-to-try-new-ingredients fat girl can: mix it with really unhealthy crap that can disguise the taste if you hate it.

Well, not TOTALLY unhealthy, but could've been. I put mine in tomato basil soup (boring, I know), but added some turkey pepperoni and mozzarella to make it like a pizza soup (probably would've been better to get my pesto, but that's too expensive). Mainly it was the slippery texture I wanted to disguise. Worked well & was filling.

I have an odd dilemma today: for some reason, I REALLY want to cook. I want to bake and smell the house up with all those lovely fall scents and imagine the taste of all those fresh plums, peaches, apples in crisps and pies.

But I'm also not hungry, and I don't want to make a lot of food only for it to go bad and to waste because I didn't eat it in time. Hell, had to force myself to eat a late lunch a little bit ago.



What I like about it, too, is it syncs with my FitBit so I can get info taken care of much easier. I'm still more of a pencil and paper person, but when it comes to tracking trends, that system doesn't work very well. Gotta use what's available to make legit changes easier and all. I'm not big on calorie counting because it's too easy to cheat or "underestimate" what you really do. Of course, Fitbit can't be perfect, but at least it'll be consistent & I can go from there.


I'm fat thanks to years of crap habits and a surprising iron deficiency diagnosis, which makes any major change in diet a bit crazy with possible dizzy spells or migraines--lovely). Cronometer seems to be best at tracking not just the obvious fat, calories, water, etc., but vitamins & minerals & micronutrients galore. Not ALL of course (if you put herbal stuff in there, not gonna show much), but you can scan barcodes to get the info and add it if it's not populating the app already.


Should be outside doing yardwork, but too hot out right now & I gotta eat. Spent hours trying to split up fighting female budgies and get another cage prepped. One boy is either sick or just getting pudgy, but he's sweet and good tempered, so the instigator of said fights and he will be cage mates from now on. Perhaps she'll like him enough that she'll stop trying to take other ladies' mates & be happy.

Spent past hour looking at nutrition & health apps. Trying Cronometer & like it so far.

Geez, I think this person was the definition of "unappreciated". Seriously, 4 days and no one at work noticed?:

Well, night in my neck of the 'verse. Gonna have to wake up extra early to get the yard taken care of (at least I have nice new toys to do it with... just hope the heat backs the hell off for a few hours so I can get the last of that crazy tree taken care of... lots of coffee and homemade breakfast burritos await in the A.M. Mmm...
Fare thee well til the morrow, folks.

Odd non-technical question: Has anybody here ever used Shirataki noodles (or tried to)? On a whim I got some packages and when I got them, they were totally different than what I thought they would be (online picture wasn't very clear & I thought it was dry pasta made of unique stuff).

Just wondering if anybody else has gotten some and what was something simple you did with them (or would recommend to a newb).

So, making the decision to finish out the week & quit... mostly. I'm just gonna change my name and hang out solo til it gets fun again. It's gonna disappoint the hell out of a few folks, but if the rabid ones can't accept that I just can't get on Discord to join the strategy sessions, they'll have to deal. Still no word on how the hell I got disabled within 2 minutes. Must have same bot-filtering algorithms as FB does. Not wasting hours of my life (and my e-mail addresses) on THAT crap again.

Having to make a decision whether or not to quit playing an online game I've been involved in for two years. Sunk oodles of paychecks into upgrading stuff and boosting stats... but now it's expanding so much & become a chore to check in with my war group and do things (and the new group leaders are being really REALLY competitive).

This situation is teaching me that I never was much of a team player. More than that, I would've sucked on a sports team. I wanna have fun more than I want to win.

Wasted 30 minutes of my life trying to get on Discord so I could communicate off-site with my game guild. Remembered why I gave up trying a year ago to use the site. Had to turn off VPN to not get the click-picture thing 15 times, then sign in, then multiple tabs up because trying to find the right link to the group... maybe that was the last straw. Suddenly find the chat group and account disabled b/c they think I'm spamming server. Nope. Just me being inept I guess. Screw 'em. Screw 'em hard.

When they tell you to cook on low/medium heat whenever possible on an induction stove, they sure mean it. Hell, I tested out one of my new pans to make ramen: water was at a rolling boil within 1.5 minutes.

What was weird was when I turned it off, the rolling boil stopped within seconds. It's gonna take some getting used to. The good thing is when I boil water for tea, it'll likely be ready as soon as my cup's prepared. Not much if any waiting at all (and definitely no time to forget it).

Crazy busy day today. Getting a new induction stove with air-frying convection oven. Never used before, but have new pans and pots to make it fun (better ones without crap nonstick on inside--whew!).

Big part of plan to make house energy efficient as possible, especially during power outages. Electric coil oven wastes heat so badly and a bitch to clean. Add excess heat to kitchen already getting full brunt of Texas sun each day and it's bloody annoying. Got SOME control over the heat now.

Tried out my electric chainsaw for this morning. Verdict: I love this thing!

Never messed with one before, so I did my safety reading, filled the oil, charged the battery, re-checked the guide, got my safety glasses and gloves on & planned each cut and fall angle before I tried it out.

No issues at all (except a mason-bee house got smashed from a mix of age & the chunk of other tree sliding down the trunk as it fell) Plenty o' firewood this year... if I develop some axe swinging skills soon.

charged up and tried out my electric lawnmower for the first time this morning.

Learned three things:
#1. Glad I have an extra battery to keep the streak alive (which will be necessary after #2)
#2. I am REALLY out of shape. Haven't used a push mower in ages and my legs and arms need to get used to the movement.
#3. I can smell the fresh-cut grass instead of freaking gasoline while I'm out and about. I love this mower.

Can't wait to try out my electric chainsaw later

Ooh... so when do I get to the point when I can pull out my best Sean Connery impression and go "I am the last one!" Dragonheart style?

Been sick all week and too much happening. Also making sure next time I see it in the store, I'm stocking up on DayQuil. The other liquid non-drowsy cold/flu meds suck. They could also be some portable time travel experiment, b/c even though I was awake, I lost whole blocks of time where I couldn't remember what the hell I'd done.

Yeah, just DayQuil from now on. The dozen cups of tea & honey each day to help the throat and loosen the congestion probably did more than the meds.

Ugh--finally got most of my ducks in a row as far as stuff I need to do outside. Got new equipment to use to clean my yard... and now I'm bowled over with a late summer flu or something because I'm dizzy, stuffed up and runny at the same time, and my brain feels half a step behind and just wants me to sleep.

They keep pushing the rain forecast back, so it should've been the perfect day to get some fallen limbs cleared and start some burnpiles, but nope. I'm definitely taking off work next week.

I have a home type that won't allow for solar panels on my roof. Has anyone else gone solar and have the ground installation route? Just wondering if there's anything to consider (other than amount of sun--substantial--and the need to weed-eat around 'em occasionally) that I should consider or ask about.

Been putting feelers out but realized I will have to do ground level if I choose solar at all (was planning for backup generator b/c of awful Texas power grid, anyway). Thoughts?

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