Ich habe erfolgreich Menschen von zu @senfcall gebracht. Der größte Grund: kein 45min limit.

@ulPa Und wie schafft mensch es Zoomer zu @senfcall zu bringen, die einen Pro-Zoom Account haben?

@PaulaToThePeople @senfcall @ulPa Senf im Name, ist das nicht schon das ausschlaggebende Argument? 😅 Also, data privacy, we do not comply with the CLOUD ACT or any other governmental demands in the USA, we care about people and their right to data privacy.

@PaulaToThePeople @senfcall @ulPa "300 with one premium account" can only do one meeting at a time? We offer as many free premium accounts as needed and they can all create their own rooms or share rooms and these rooms can be used concurrently.

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