When I say Oh, I'm Terminallly Online my friends are like, you dont even have a tiktok account shut up boomer but what I mean is I'n terminally online on a tiny subsection of a subsection of a social media network

Think a lot about how much I miss old school forumsโ€™ etiquette.

Day 8 was โ€œCup of Coffeeโ€, day 9 โ€œHornsโ€ and day 10 โ€œDeathly Hallowsโ€. Yep, I'm going right next to the current date.

All I really know is you've got to love your own neuroses.

This little guy is a tribute to โ€œDairies of a Spaceport Janitorโ€ game.

The word for the second day was "eye" and I drew a lot of eyes in the end. I love it.

I'm a bit late, but still. Some things didn't go according to plan and I ended up cutting off the bottom of the sheet, heh. And I took up the watercolor and pencils, don't ask questions.

Ok, I tried to do some test drawings on the tablet and Iโ€™m not satisfied with the resultโ€ฆ Somehow it got me thinking about watercolor, hmm

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I made a picture for myself to inspire myself. I still haven't decided - digital or traditional. Hope Iโ€™ll find some free time!

I'm so grateful for the fedi, login on always cheers me up.

Fun fact, I originally came here because I wanted to become a member of one particular instance. But I couldn't get there just like that, so I registered in the first place I came across with a cool name. After a while, I lost my purpose and just stayed. No regrets!

This post is not only about me loving this book. It's about me being that type of severe anxious people for whom the best way to fight is to keep doing what you do no matter what. This is how Iโ€™m gonna win.

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