The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask was released in October, 20 years ago (April in Japan)

Never forget the Happy Mask Salesman episode Really cool DIY numpad project. The design files are open source and the site has excellent documentation.

I'm still really new to all this Mastodon, Fediverse stuff - I think it's really great but I wasn't sure about how it all worked or if I was doing it right. So I've just been slowly looking around trying to figure things out and today I found this pretty amazing site that explains a lot of the Mastodon features and how federation works and lots more. It might all be common knowledge but as a newbie I found it really helpful

Can't tell if the export has an encoding issue, or if I've accidentally found the phrase to summon some kind of Eldritch horror

Playing Sundered Eldritch Edition tonight, excellent sound design in this game

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