Hello NerdCulture, good morning... 😃

May it be, well, nice.

Less stress, more relax.

More books, computers and tinkering. Cats.

HNY, friends.

@rgx - Thanks for your wishes. All the best for you, too!

@ij 👍 Thank you, Ingo!

Happy to join and see Nerdculture mastodon. Looks nice, although I don't speak German. I am a member on your Friendica instance too, got to explore more on that project, learn and document it to tell people about it.

Lots to do! LOL Thank you for offering these services, well done!

@rgx - then enjoy exploring both and !

I'm also testing Mattermost (doesn't federate at the moment) and Matrix. And of course I worked the last week on improving my XMPP server...

So, feel free to contact me if you want to test more... ;-)

@ij LOL, thank you!!

I love this, experimentation, tinkering. Just finishing a write up for my blog, a page about how the Fediverse reminds me so much of FidoNet and the days of online BBSes.

What does Mattermost do?

@rgx - well, it is advertised as a free replacement for Slack, if that helps...

BTW, if you want to have a Fidonet point, I can provide you with one as well... running 2:2452/413... sadly I found no time to setup a BBS as well, but it's still on my agenda... ;)

@ij OMG, that's amazing! :) I was a point in our local network here in Ontario, Canada. Memories! :)

We will keep in touch, I will come back later and post a link to the blog post when it's finished; almost there now.

@rgx - thanks! good read!

One of the things I miss most on todays Internet is this:
"Thou Shall not be Easily Annoyed."
Most people forget that are always two parties in a controverse: those who annoy and those who are annoyed.

@ij Yuo are welcome, Ingo, I am quite happy with this post. It got the tone right, the amount of tech speak being low enough not to spook casual readers. The title, and the release announce image also worked well - I was very pleased to see that in two hours or so it was over 50 views on stats, overtaking nice and meaty posts I had done before and didn't gt noticed.

This morning, it is at the #1 slot, my most viewed page so far. Yey for good journalism, I am learning!

@ij Those two lines in the Fido rules were clear and sent a message we do need here. I had a couple of people reacting to my picking up on one of their posts at one instance, and posting my own (like a retweet with comment) in my qoto account.

With full attribution and a link back to their posts. One reacted and I could feel she was mad offered to delete my post and did it even before she replied. She indeed wanted it gone. :(

The other one mentioned how commonly people act 'butt hurt' (cont)

@ij ...how people act 'butt hurt' when someone did this simple re-tooting. He didn't mind but did not want to be tagged in my own version (and I had posted a thank you on his post, with a link to mine, fully crediting him).

So, yeah -- looking at it this way, it's another strong similarity between Fido and Fedi. LOL.... That's some idea for a follow up blog post!

Regarding NerdCulture, is it ok to post threads in English here? I wouldn't want to disrespect the locals, so I am asking. TY!!

@rgx nerdculture.de is an open and general purpose instance. So feel free as long as you stay within the rules... :-)

@rgx - you know that there is a project at Osmocom by @LaF0rge about BBS Revival: osmocom.org/projects/retro-bbs - they had an assembly at with lots of hardware and such...

@ij @LaF0rge That is wonderful Ingo -- thank you for mentioning it, will add to my To Do list, visit and learn about the project.

I had seen a nice photo of a stack of network switches in your profile, saved a copy here on my "Nice Images" folder. Geek porn, lol.... 😛

I love retro computing, and having been in this for a while, since the early 90's, collected many stories, hardware pieces, assorted op systems that I sadly miss and more.

Great work on the Mastodon and Nerdica sites, thank you

@ij @rgx @LaF0rge This is great, I will post about it on my main instance, so more people can see and get to know about it.

Expecting a blog post about it in the near future, it's too interesting an idea to pass up. So many people in the Net today have no idea how this all got started.

Even the roots on the internet, the protocols, the distributed design - and the reasons for both, surviving a nuclear attack, made this so robust and open - unexpectedly, when the gov funding research didn't aim for any openess or lack of central controls.

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