Saw a Commodore PET at work today in good condition. I often see older tech there (72MB hard drive, anyone?), but this is the neatest bit to come through since I first started working there in 2018. Had to explain it to my coworkers, though!

I try to avoid highly controversial topics when posting on social networks, but... pineapple is acceptable on pizza.

The frequent (daily+) WordPress-related probing of my non-WordPress sites is sufficient to convince me to never run WordPress. OTOH, I'm thinking I should develop something fun for those trying to find a WordPress vulnerability. (Fun for me, not so much for them/their bots, natch.)

I guess I could've provided a link with that toot, lol. If you want to browse the (extensive) content on my old site, which has been online since at least 2007, here:

Personal site was down for more than 12 days. Put it back online for a short time to announce that it will be wiped out and I'll be starting over fresh.

When Amazon first announced their Vella serial fiction feature, I was pretty intrigued.

I have one story (see link below) that some people have read, but I'm definitely not seeing the kind of activity that I'd hoped to. Not sure if it's my story or the Vella platform itself. Try harder? Start over? Give up? Hmm.

If you like stories, you can start reading Suverahn's Quest at no cost here (no Kindle required):

Did you know that cigarette butts can be recycled? If you're thinking about your impact on the world around you on then you might find the extensive recycling and reuse options from TerraCycle of interest. Not a paid promo, I'm just impressed by what they do.

After replacing the covers for my pen-name series, I set up book 1 for some free download days last week & scheduled a Freebooksy feature.

Wouldn't directly be profitable, can't profit giving away, but read-through could offset cost somewhat.

Figured I'd be lucky to move a couple hundred copies and earn 10% back... but moved over 1000 copies and so far have earned ~50% back on what was a "dead" series.

Today is #EarthOvershootDay. In this post I talk about the reasons behind overshoot. I argue that it is overproduction, not overconsumption, that should get most of our attention.

I was prompted on Facebook to run a birthday fundraiser, but for my preferred charity there's no need for FB or anyone else to be involved. Whether for my birthday or otherwise, please consider donating directly to KNHC / C89.5 (a high school radio station) at the link below. I support this "cause" 100% and will gladly bore you to tears with my reasons if you ask, lol.

I've had a personal site on the Web since around 1997, in one form or another.

Stalled out several years ago with major life changes (divorce, etc.) and focus needing to be elsewhere. Few updates, no real upgrades.

Put my Drupal 7 site into maintenance mode tonight... and may just take it offline, ending over 20 years of having a personal online presence (separate from social sites/services).

Will still build Web-based tools for my own use & maintain my "author" presence. But personal? Eh....

Finally got around to fixing a weird problem with a Windows batch program, and learned some things along the way (things I'll probably forget because I don't do much batch programming anymore). Naturally, wishing I'd fixed this and ended a persistent irritation months ago.

"Oh, you're one of those."

It's a moment -- and words -- apparently burned into my memory, even though I was not involved in the conversation.

That was one coworker's reply to another coworker clarifying that he was gay. I don't remember the context, I don't know why it was a topic at that moment. I just remember those words.

I'm not gay. I refute the notion that we all are gay to some degree. Nope, not me.

But that caustic comment... and my silence that I still regret... I won't forget.

Tried to roll a large office printer on casters off of the box truck into the warehouse, with little room to move.

Even with help, couldn't even get it onto the dock plate. (It probably weighed much more than the two of us combined.)

Tried getting forks of forklift under it... no go, due to angle & stuff in the way.

And then... while trying to find a way to get it past that critical point... I tipped it over, making it fundamentally harder to get off the truck.

Yeah, this day can go to hell.

"Rampage" by Chameleon King is the only song you'll find via your favorite service that lists me in the credits. :)

Seeing the extended life of Drupal 7, and vital modules that never went beyond D7, I have to wonder... did Drupal itself really end with core 7.x, and D8 and now D9(!) are something else that just lean on the Drupal name?

I'd have upgraded my D7 site long ago if the ecosystem/community was ready to support what I built in D7, but it never became so. And now I'm looking at a full port/rebuild away from "Drupal."

For those who stay with "Drupal," maybe a new name is appropriate?

My subscribers know that I featured my short story "No Fanfare" in my most recent newsletter. Today, I used that story to experiment w/ Google's automatic (AI) narration. Since the story is so short, you can listen to almost the whole thing via the sample:

For those of you looking to fill out the rest of your weekend with some reading of books, check out this bundle with over 80 titles to choose from, including one of mine:

It's July, which means it's time for the annual Smashwords Summer/Winter sale (because they recognize the entire planet, haha).

If you read , you should check it out -- there are *tens of thousands* marked down 25%, 50%, 75%, and even 100% (i.e., ).

My novella KINRU -- the only book so far that I've written based on inspiration from a premade book cover -- is 50% off this month if you get it at Smashwords.

The various e-book platforms allow me to enable DRM on my books, but I don't. I did once but I'm sure it was an accident, because I am very much against DRM.

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