"This file is part of..." is not sufficient documentation. What does the file do? What is its purpose? Yes, I can read code -- as well as the clock.

Effective and succinct documentation is not optional. Me spending time mentally parsing your undocumented code is 100% optional.

It's a good Sunday -- enjoying the rain and had a chance to visit, have a meal, and play cribbage with my son.

Listening to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida for the first time in quite a few years. Still love it.

Added a new word to my vocabulary today: nullah. (Spell-check doesn't recognize it either.) Don't expect I'll ever use it, but it was still interesting to run across.

It's weird working in an industry (so to speak) where people go by multiple names, and you not only have to remember those names (for coherent interactions) but also which name to use in which contexts, and whether some must never be used.

Well, this sucks. For those who have been aware of my project of creating an online archive of thousands of my grandfather's photos (now in the ), that project came to a screeching halt with a gust of wind.... patreon.com/posts/archive-offl

If you like reading , here's a link to a post about one that is a free Kindle download this weekend. twitter.com/adencabrowrites/st

Writers (especially indies), BookFunnel is a flexible tool that can be used for many things (group promos, ARC management, direct sales, and more). This is not a "paid ad," I'm just an enthusiastically satisfied customer.

Readers, BookFunnel is great for you too, but the process starts with writers.

Want to try it? Grab a free copy of my "Wolf Block" short story via the link below.

Copies are limited. Expires on May 10th.


I posted identical polls to Mastodon and Twitter. For me it was really about the platforms, not the poll question.

Mastodon: I have 9 followers and got 4 responses.
Twitter: I have 750 followers and got 3 responses.

Read into that what you will (if anything).

A question for those who love : If a writer you know about writes under a pen name, do you want to know or would you rather think of "them" as two different people?

BeReal seems generally good in theory, but in practice... not so great.

The chosen time to post might be when you're sleeping, or working, or in class, or otherwise busy. Who can manage being "on call" for an app? Also, the app/service is not reliable -- tried to post today, and it kept losing every attempted post.

I understand the appeal of authenticity, especially compared to alternatives where only showing your best is encouraged, but there must be a better way.

If you take a minute or two to add some metadata to your photos when you take them, in addition to what might be added automatically by your phone or camera, you and/or others may greatly appreciate it in future years. Add names of people in the photo, event info, etc.

As much as I've enjoyed figuring out information about the photos I'm digitizing for the Floyd R. Whitmore Public Domain Photo Archive, many times I come up with nothing and wish he'd taken more thorough notes.

I hadn't thought before about setting up a BookFunnel sales page for a story in Vella, but why not? So, I did. Still need to work on a better cover, this one was pretty hasty.


I set a low productivity goal for this week, knowing that my day job would be (as usual) very draining, but I still haven't met that low goal. Time to try some writing sprints, I guess, to see if I can force some words out.

I've made such good progress lately on editing the 3rd novel in the Chronicles of Madarre series (especially compared to months of zero progress) that I'm actually considering setting it up for preorder. I should probably work out the cover first, though.

Some writers say "don't read your reviews" but that takes all of the fun out of it! The 1- and 2-star reviews are often too funny to pass up. Laughing at them is part of my reward for putting my work out to the general public.

Three-star reviews are a little harsher, they're usually more relevant (i.e., more connected to reality). Can be good for picking up on ways to improve my writing, though.

As for 4- and 5-star reviews, who doesn't like a little praise from random people? :)

I'm not an early adopter of Mastodon but also not exactly a newcomer. My 1-year anniversary here is coming up in a few weeks. I'm glad to see more people signing on in recent days.

Feel free to say hello / connect if we have common interests.

Mine include , , , , , , , , ... and jamming too many hashtags into one toot, lol.

The end of the month is approaching. This year seems to be flying past.

Anyway, there are still a few days left to pick up some free / books from the Shattered Worlds bundle: books.bookfunnel.com/shattered

"Amusing" that working my actual work schedule (4 10s) was treated as me taking a day off. Yesterday was the first non-holiday Friday that I didn't work since sometime last year. Bank account appreciates the constant overtime, but everything else in my life is suffering.

Since it's today would've been a good day to release the next Chronicles of Madarre novel, considering the environment-related themes in the series and in this particular book. Alas, I'm still working on editing it, so it's not close to being released.


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