It was a nice movie.. 95%

only the way how she survived was a bit too much

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Going to the cinema today, in 16 minutes. Cruella 😈😈😈

Do you think there's something like negative spiciness?

Because, I've had a burrito, medium spicy sauce, there was also mild and not spicy available. And nothing. NOTHING. So what could be even two levels less spicy?

In the Sichuan restaurant today, ordered a spicy hot pork noodles with rice. Expectations are high

14 hours at work on my birthday... Tired. But I did a lot of things...

I don't get this Windows 11 hype spread across all those Linux / FOSS media I'm following.

Why do you care? Nobody knows what it really is yet and even if they do, it's Windows. $CurrentVersion ++

My adventures

I bought this calligraphy set, some nibs and special inks and I have to say that I like it. Especially this golden one, I just need a black/dark paper for it and it'll be beautiful.

And of course, I'm writing in Kurrent, because I need to practice it a lot +usually writing in German, just to get it into my head a bit.

It's fun 😊

And no alcohol for 3 days. Not a problem for me 😅😅😅

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Rice, well done, not overcooked, vegetables were crunchy. So overall, a good meal, just not spicy. At all.

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My colleagues requested something and a compiled a short script with awk in about 20 minutes.

Usually not something worth to celebrate, but in my job, I rarely am able to do such things. So yeah, I'm happy that i could practise some scripting a bit.

And since I don't have my *NIX-y laptop with me, i used @SDF account 😅😅😅

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