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There will be a short downtime to reboot the server for a security update.

Frohes neues Jahr!
Happy New Year!
Buon Anno!

May the year 2021 be better than the last one. Especially a quick end to the pandemic and healthiness to everyone of you!


As a late Xmas gift, Mastodon v3.3.0 has been released today and Nerdculture has been already updated to that release.

Read the release notes for more information what's new & shiny...

Upgraded lately to v3.2.2 and also set up Elasticsearch, so you should hopefully get better search results.
Also tried to speed up things a little bit by adding more CPU/threads to Mastodon...

Reboot finished, service should be back to normal...

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There will be a maintenance downtime soon to restart the server, because a security update is pending.

Stay tuned and retry later if service is temporarily unavailable...

Dear Nerdculture users,

in this week I will work on the undelying network setup of this server. This means that Nerdculture will be unavailable during that maintenance work.
The downtime might happen multiple times in this week, but I'll try to keep it below 1 hour per period.

When done, I'll inform you again. Stay tuned!

Dear Nerdculture users,

I'll be reorganising the storage backend of this Mastodon instance. The background job of syncing the data is already running, but for the final sync I need to shutdown Mastodon for a while.
When done I hope that all the migration tasks are finally done and no service interruption will be needed again...

Dear Nerdculture users,

sorry for the downtime, but I felt like moving the Mastodon installation from the old virtual machine to a larger virtual machine would be a good idea.
Sadly that took a little longer than expected, but it seems to work now...

Ok, I think I've cleaned up the most issues from last night...

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There was a wave of mass registrations this night with tons of spanish speaking toots in the last past 6 hours.
Registrations are now closed and I'll investigate all accounts and eventually suspend/delete most of them.

Please report toots/accounts if they have posted content that is not fulfilling the Terms of Service on this instance or are in other ways problematic...


FYI: since as of a few hours (like 2 hrs or so) has been upgraded to Mastodon v.3.1.2 to fix an important security issue.

If you still see 3.1.1 on your screen, reload the page/restart your app.

A new Mastodon release is out.

This means that this server will be upgraded in about 1-2 hours as well. Expect some downtimes and cross your finger that everything will work smooth during upgrade! 🙂

There will be a short server outage starting at 13:00 CET to apply some security updates.

Dear users on,

this is the new account that will be used to spread information regarding the server itself, like upgrades, issues, maintenance, etc...

So please keep this account in your contact list.

PS: Welcome to all new users!


All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission). ---