Dear users,

maintenance has been finished and all virtual machines are now running on the new server.

You may experience faster page load times.

If you experience any errors, please report on

Have fun!

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Some technical details:

Old server:
6 Core Xeon, 128 GB RAM, 4x 2 TB HDD RAID10

New Server:
2x 14 Core, 256 GB RAM, 4x 1 TB NVMe RAID10 , 4x 4 TB SSD ZFS RAID10, 2x 18 TB HDD RAID1

Transferred data:
Approx. 2.5 TB via 1 Gbit/s MAN network between Duesseldorf & Dortmund, Germany with up to 120 MB/s

Please consider supporting us:
- Server costs:
- LiberaPay:

@order @ij glad to hear that it's been finished, what happens if we have an error and that support page is down?

You may want to consider putting the support us links (costs, librepay and Paypal) in easy to access spots (like /about/more)

@g @order The support page is on a different server, so that shouldn't ever happen.
Either the support page is down or the server is down. Or when both are down, than the internet doesn't work anymore. ;)
If support page is down and the server works -> no need to remport.
If server is down and support is up -> report it via support. But most likely I'm already working on it... ;)

@g added support links to /about and reformatted it more clearly (I hope).

Donation links will follow later... good idea! Thx! :)

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