A very warm welcome to all new users!

Sadly I can't welcome all of you personally or boost your when you're

Please also follow the server rules as I already needed to suspend a few users.

If you enjoy being here, please also consider supporting us with some money. You can see our server costs over here:

... and you can support us via LiberaPay here:

(IBAN on request)

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Of course this service is free of cost to use - but it is not free of cost to operate and to offer it to you.

Supporting this service voluntarily by some small amount of money helps to provide this service as it is now.

Please remember that the mostly consists of people that are committing their spare time and personal money to provide others with a free service.

On Twitter, on the other hand, you have adds and your data is being sold to other company. But not here.


the link to the cost overview results in a 502 - bad gateway

@pmj Ah, thx... php crashed there... should work again...

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