I've activated a cleanup script that is checking your last login time.
If you haven't logged into Nerdculture.de for more than 6 months, you'll receive a mail.

Accounts that haven't logged in for 24 months will be deleted.

In the end the deletion will be lowered to 7 months so that you'll have 4 weeks to react to the weekly reminder mails.

Deleting unused accounts is a matter of digital hygiene and data protection.


From now on the script will run on every Thursday at 8:20 local time (CET/CEST).

The next run will warn users between 6 and 18 months inactivity and will delete all accounts with more than >18 months inactivity.

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FYI: Today about 220 inactive user accounts got deleted by the script. Many more received a notification mail...

FYI: this week 92 inactive users got deleted. We are now down to 513 users (from >1.1k).

From the-federation.info (yesterday, before deletion):
Users: 604
Last 6 months active users: 604
Last month active users: 396

So, we have now like 80% users being active in past 6 months and 60% monthly active users.

That's quite good. Keep posting! Stay active! :)

@order Yes, I got an email as well, I totally forgot about this account until now lol. :ameowalternate:

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