Reminder the US military poisoned our Hawaiian water supply, still hasn't cleaned the jet fuel in our aquifer or shut down it's tanks, which are continuously leaking.

The University of Hawaii did a study finding US military jet fuel is still in our water supply, still poisoning us Hawaiians, and then the University's site was suddenly taken down. Children are being poisoned at 7 schools by this water right now.

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Since US invaded our sovereign country, Hawaii also tops the US in police killings, disproportionately Pacific Islander, and Hawaii is by far #1 most economically unequal. (I worked with homeless/at-risk kids in that tent city in Honolulu).

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Its been a week since I first switched to a dumb phone.
I'm never going back. Smart phones cost me way to much time!


New to the Fediverse. Is there a alternative to YouTube that you guys use? Is it any good? How private is it?

I've been using Invidious instances, and so far it's been fine. However, recently it's been very difficult to load videos. Not sure if it's my internet (slow), the invidious instance, or YouTube being jerks.

Seriously how fast do the Raspberry Pi's sell out? I've been trying to buy 1... not 100 just 1 for like a year now, and no matter how quickly I go to their website after they are back in stock, it's sold out already.... What's the easiest way to get a bot to order me a Raspberry Pi?

Impulskauf ist da. Aber wegen des COVID-Scheiss seit zwei Tagen bleibt es erstmal in diesem Zustand. Genau wie ich.

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Who is cutting Evey's hair in this scene? I can't be V because this guy has not-burned hands, and likely isn't covering his entire face... so there's got to be someone that's helping V right?

I wonder where the line(s) between designer, developer, and programmer lie. On such small teams it seems to be unknowable.

All programming languages have stupid names, apart from Fortran.

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