I was logged in here just a few days ago, yet today I got an e-mail warning that I hadn't been online since September! Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe my login was too brief... I don't know

New race starting at Race For Kicks, the Stunts tournament: raceforkicks.com
If you've played Stunts in the 90s and never knew there was an online community and tournaments, you should take a look! :)

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anyone in the #portland area looking for a roommate? I can pay $400 in rent

i need to move out of a very abusive housing situation before being evicted from not vacuuming and mopping everyday (yes this is serious)

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thank you!

It may seem that OOP or not is a matter of taste in programming, but it becomes a problem when you want to use a free third-party library and you have a hard time reading the code. I'm under the impression that it's easier for OOP programmers to read non-OOP code than the other way around. I don't use OOP. What do OOP programmers think?

Honestly, maybe this is indeed relative, I don't know. I'd like to read your opinions :)

What do you guys think about the proliferation of text-based file formats? I'm not talking about files that are meant to be text-based, such as HTML, but about things like Scalable Vector Graphics (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable) and some 3D shape formats for instance.

Is anybody really viewing or editing these files as text? I don't think so. If they were binary, they'd load and save much faster and would take a lot less space. What's the point?

Cada vez más personas soñamos con la independencia de Argentina del Centro. Hoy, pensando en esta bella locura, me encontré con este análisis:


In Argentina, today, in the 21st century, a dictatorship is developing and if the process is completed, there might be no way back for decades. This isn't widely known in the world. If you hadn't heard, read about it. It may well be the next Venezuela very soon.

Are you into ? Maybe you're familiar with the 1990 cars game Stunts. It had a renaissance around 2000 when online tournaments started to appear. Can you believe it? Still alive today are ZakStunts at zak.stunts.hu and my own at r4k.fnhost.org. I joined the community long ago and made an editor, Bliss, that's available at r4k.fnhost.org/bliss

Hi! I'm a /Linux user, totally Windows-free since the early 2000s. I like old-school programming, no OOP. Usually do C and and I'm a fan of .

I love 80s and 90s rock/pop and I enjoy playing piano and guitar.

I consider myself a citizen of the world. No country owns me :) Cultural exchange is something I love.

Politics? Not a leftist, not a rightist. Unique point of view, hard to explain.

Hoping to find peaceful free thinkers and good friends.

Hello! I'm new here... and new to Mastodon and actually, to any social network, so... hi! Oh, and I'm a nerd! :D


All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission). ---