Après quelques modifications, ma barre des tâches me dit quand mes serveurs sont en ligne ou non, le tout en temps réel :D

Guess who's back on my desktop computer at home ? :)
Hint : its logo is a pufferfish ;)

Some update after my OpenBSD install on my Lenovo Yoga 720 :)
- Things that don't work right now : touchscreen, touchpad and wifi (even after using fw_update)
- Stability : pretty good !
Might be interesting for the future, will look for wifi later :)

I tested OpenBSD briefly on my Lenovo Yoga yesterday : seems to work, but the Wifi wasn’t recognized at first boot (no surprise, might be the firmware). I will try an install this afternoon :)

Question for people using OpenBSD : Did someone install OpenBSD on a Lenovo Yoga notebook ? I want to try it, but I wonder about the firmware support (especially the wifi)

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