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*Status update on self-hosting my new Assembly syntax*

All example apps now translating correctly, and the result is bit-for-bit identical with the results of the C++ translator.

The last remaining step, the final frontier: SubX-in-SubX in SubX-in-SubX. Translating the self-hosted translator using the self-hosted translator. Still seeing some discrepancies there.

I fixed just one bug since yesterday, but had to cope with a 4.4GB trace for it.

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*Status update on self-hosting my new Assembly syntax*

Test harness done. The self-hosted translator now handles all 12 example programs. A beach-head for reproducible builds.

Time to start translating the standard library. In emulated mode things get slow *fast*:

$ time ./translate 049*.subx 05[0-n]*.subx
35 lines in 9s
84 lines in 20s
219 lines in 59s
262 lines in 68s
382 lines in ... ERROR

In native mode, translating 262 lines takes 0.1s.

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tech, reminiscing about X 

@anne @riking @KitRedgrave I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who's sad to see network transparency go 😁

Here's a good paper analyzing network performance of X in practice:

There's tons of low-hanging fruit in X network performance. For extreme examples, see and

We hoped toolkits and apps would start using XCB to take advantage of the good design of the actual X protocol, but as far as I can tell, people had already given up on using X over the network by the time XCB was ready, so there was little pressure to make good use of it.

Network transparency could have enabled very cool migration and replication stuff that still nobody can do today, certainly not with VNC-style remoting. But apparently the only thing that ever did it was Emacs:

So many cool ideas didn't catch on, and it's sad.

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"We wish to speak with your seventh son."
"I only have six sons."
"Impossible! Are you not, yourself, a seventh son?"
"I am."
"But you have only six offspring?"
"No, Merle, my daughter-"
"Dad," Merle said, "they speak truth. I... I haven't told you, but... I am your seventh son."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories #TypoCorrected

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De-googlizing Android 

If you really want to hurt Google, figure out a way for developers to make money off of apps in F-Droid, to the extent that they choose to remove their apps from the Play Store.

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@fluffy Oh, that's cool.

Yeah, the way it was generated was basically me trying to learn some things about music theory, and every time I learned a rule about music, I added it to the code. I learned about modes (Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, etc.), I added a list of modes. So then I would feed it pseudorandomly and when something started to sound good, I'd tweak the parameters until I liked the song, then when I had about a hundred songs I liked, I cut it down until I had an album, did the art for it, put it on Bandcamp, and didn't say much about procedural generation because I wanted to see if it was a dancing bear or if it sounded as good to other people as it did to me. (I really like beepy music and it's hard to be objective about your own music to begin with.) I got some okay results using Markhov chains, too, but I switched to 1D Life because it was less random and it gave the music a little more structure and patterns. Then I found out about bytebeat and I am in love with it. One of my recent songs is attached. (Bytebeat is insanely cool, there is an excellent write-up of it by @kragen , he has collected the most comprehensive information I think: ).

NLP is interesting, and really really broad. I have been thinking about firing up my sentiment analysis bot and pointing it at the public timeline and TWKN, listing who is the happiest and who is the angriest in both scopes once per day, with links to the most positive and most negative posts, listing the day's averages, etc., fun stuff, but I think that has a pretty good chance of creeping people out.

I'm a fan of Go (it's really similar to Limbo but a few things are nicer), but I don't write too much of it. I am writing some right now, actually. What stuff do you like to hack on?
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@fluffy This is a fun song.

I am a coder. I like to do dumb stunt hacks, NLP, play with Inferno, Forth, strange languages. Recently I've been experimenting with music, I did a chiptunes album by generating Gameboy code and using 1D Life to compose, and I'm doing bytebeat now. I mostly do web shit for work.

Just wrote a comment on the orange website about why talking about safer solar power is missing the point, because photovoltaic is cheap enough now:

insert into product (id, name, unitprice) values (262, 'Black surgical plastic microwave', 76.8);
insert into product (id, name, unitprice) values (263, 'White electronic aluminum toaster oven', 103.0);
insert into product (id, name, unitprice) values (264, 'Blue intimate ceramic refrigerator', 60.9);
insert into product (id, name, unitprice) values (265, 'Gold wool ultrasonic blazer, size L', 40.2);

La flor eterna del linyera abandonado.
Aquellas huellas asquerosas de aquel samurai mortal.
La esposa terrible debajo de su oro irrevocable.
La tela desmoronada de un honor delicioso y tempestuoso.
Aquella roca ondulosa de aquel claustro fúnebre.
La campana cristalina de la meditación violácea.
El tiempo muriéndose de mi montaña atómica.
Aquella puerta desolada de la herencia exuberante.
Una cabra nubosa del ataúd bordado.

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sˌoʊ ðɪ ˈɛfsˈiːsˈiː wˈoʊnt
lˈɛt mˌiː biː mˌiː
ɔːɹ lˈɛt mˌiː bˈiː
sˌoʊ lˈɛt mˌiː sˈiː
ðeɪ tɹˈaɪd tə ʃˈʌt mˌiː dˌaʊn ˌɑːn ˈɛmtˈiːvˈiː
bˌʌt ɪt fˈiːlz sˌoʊ ˈɛmpti wɪðˈaʊt mˌiː

bˌʌt sˈʌmtaɪmz ðɪs ʃˈɪt dʒˈʌst sˈiːmz
ˈɛvɹɪbˌɑːdi ˈoʊnli wˈɑːnts tə dˈɪskʌs mˌiː
sˌoʊ ðɪs mˈʌst mˈiːn aɪm dˌɪsɡʌstˈɪŋ
bˌʌt ɪts dʒˈʌst mˌiː
aɪm dʒˈʌst əbsˈiːn

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"4-H clubs but for fediverse development" is probably a good basic explanation of what we're attempting to do with Pleroma
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@grainloom a visual representation of merge sort would look a lot like someone trying to combine two combs into a non-comb object

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As for what exists already:

* I've implemented a CSS engine
* Most languages have a URI parser, HTTP client, and HTML parser
* GNOME's Pango can be used for inline layout at least starting off
* Servo's WebRender or GNOME's GSK implements GPU-rendering of the CSS Box Model

The caveat on Pango though is that it would need to be reimplemented in order to support things like floats and webfonts, that's explicitly out of scope for them.

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@kragen @jasper @uint8_t So the article describing the measurement is:
Terrestrial spectroscopy cast some doubt on the result but Venus Express seems to confirm it:

The deuterium enrichment is thought to have occurred because hydrogen is lost more easily to space; fortunately the Earth doesn't lose a lot of hydrogen because it's mostly in water and the "cold trap" keeps that too low for photodissociation.

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I wonder if it's possible that an artificial satellite orbiting Venus would have remained invisible to this day. If it has a small enough radar cross-section and stable orbit...

I wish I would know more astronomy.

/cc @anne

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