So there's this trend of white people going around coughing on folks because the don't believe the pandemic is real??

Bruh. I'm going to jail. You will see a headline of 'Bay Area man beats the shit out of a local bigot'.

Wooooo, boy.

@Are0h Not sure if coughing counts as attempted murder and thus justifies responding with deadly force. I think escalating the violence is probably going to make the situation worse. But I admit I'd have the same temptation

@kragen LOL, who said anything about murder?

Take it back a notch, sport.

@Are0h If someone who might be infected with COVID-19 coughs on you on purpose, isn't that a murder attempt?

@kragen I don't know, whomever you are. Is it?

You're the one that said you're not sure if coughing on someone counts as murder and now you're saying it does?

Ha, make up your mind, champ. You're all over the place.

@Are0h I'm sorry my toots were so unclear. I'm saying that there's a colorable argument that someone coughing on you is attempting to murder you, but if you respond with deadly force, you might not be able to convince other bystanders, the police, the jury, etc. Also, probably it would cause other kinds of problems.

@kragen But the thing is I'm not arguing it's attempted murder. That is not a point I am making, ergo is irrelevant to what I'm saying.

Secondly, it is your assumption that I am talking about deadly force which again is not something I said or even argued.

You are introducing points into this exchange that are completely made up by you.


@Are0h Yes, I did make some original points. I did not intend to attribute them to you. I still think it is worth considering whether they are true, even though you did not come up with them, because they are, I think, relevant.

@kragen Obviously you do because you made them up.

The fact remains it is irrelevant because it makes an incorrect assumption.

You can go in circles about that if you like, but you will do it alone.

Enjoy your day.

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