Our stance on Gab, nazis, fascists and harassers in general 

As most of you already know, Gab is coming to Fedi soon.

We consider the only sensible move is to block them preventively anywhere we can.

As such, we are strongly supporting all fedi admins, members and software developers who are working to do so.

We want it to be loud and clear that we won’t tolerate nazis, fascists or “free speech” advocates in our spaces.

We also won’t accept harassment against our moderators. Ginny is one of them, and we’ve had enough of your constant threats, discourse, subtoots and attacks.

Also: this is a statement, not an invitation to debate any of the points mentioned above.


Our stance on Gab, nazis, fascists and harassers in general 

@funkwhale Did you really say you won't tolerate free-speech advocates in your spaces?

@kragen @funkwhale "free speech" in this context isn't actually about free speech but a dishonest attempt to push nazism. It's "free speech advocacy" done by the kind of people who would violently silence others if they only had the power to do so.

@darth_tiktaalik @funkwhale I am skeptical of this claim, because it does not seem feasible to prohibit free-speech advocacy only in cases where the advocate's motivations are dishonest; it seems like the only way to distinguish real anti-Nazis, such as sincere free-speech activists, from fake anti-Nazis who are only in favor of free speech when it serves their Nazi ends, would be to give them the power to silence others with no repercussions and see whether they use it or not.

@darth_tiktaalik @funkwhale So I think the more likely way this policy will play out in practice is that people like you (assuming you're sincere in your opposition to violently silencing others) will get banned for advocating free speech sincerely, since anyone outside of your head can't tell what you would do if you had the power to silence others. But maybe I'm wrong; I'm looking forward to clarification from the original speaker!

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