Did you ever try to work through Jack Crenshaw's "Let's build a compiler"? Remember the early point where you add a line of code and "CONGRATULATIONS! You have just written a working compiler!"?

Well, I just ported that one line (and the page of helpers backing it) to my own assembly lang, and it only took me 2 months to do it 😂

In my defense:

a) It's *thoroughly* unit-tested asm, and
b) I had to rethink the design of a couple of OS syscalls to make them testable.



@akkartik That's fantastic! Congratulations! What were the syscall changes you needed?

@kragen Thanks! I did a quick description at github.com/akkartik/mu/blob/71. So far I've only needed to think about `read()`, `write()` and `exit()`.

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