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People constantly ask why I refuse to use Signal.

I have been meaning to do a detailed write-up for this, however in researching for it I discovered this post which covers several of my biggest issues well.

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1. Signal Foundation owns the only keys that sign the only client binaries allowed on their network, that in turn control they keys that encrypt all messages.

2. Signal Foundation owns the only keys that encrypt all metadata in a centralized and weak SGX enclave.

3. Signal Foundation owns the central network infra that has plaintext access to all TCP/IP metadata.

Those are pretty serious security and privacy issues.

What happens if someone at the foundation is pressured?

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Laura Poitras, the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist who was the first to work on the top secret NSA mass surveillance story, has been fired by @TheIntercept in retaliation for speaking to the media about their mishandling of the Reality Winner case.

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I really love Sodium-Plus ( but 993KB minified on the client-side… ouch!

Just can’t justify it when TweetNaCl.js ( is 31.4KB (fast), even though it doesn’t have sealed boxes (which is an extra 4.67 KB via

#cryptography #javascript

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📣 New release candidate: Tor

It fixes several bugs, including one that broke onion services on certain older ARM CPUs, and another that made v3 onion services less reliable.

Full change log:

Hmm, I just realized that I didn't upload the tarball to Zenodo, but I could; is the DOI of the version with the tarball as well. Use the tarball of HTML instead of the PDF if you can. It's waay easier to navigate.

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@davidpgil @kragen Totally agree! also goes for tic-80 which is fully open source!

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You'd think that universal access to all human knowledge would have remade society, but actually most of the humans don't really seem to care about knowledge.

-- @kragen @ HN

Happy new year! I spent a lot of 02020 writing this book about algorithms, materials science, and other aspects of philosophy, called Derctuo:

It's poorly organized, incoherent, and has a lot of crap in it, but it also has some really good parts.

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@kragen @enkiv2

This is a good explanation by JCR Licklider of how this subject of personal vs timesharing computer was thought of back in those days.

He's funny too!

sadly Mastodon converted it to a PNG so you lose the animation

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Seeing an angry article that's far too typical of our software freedom community, I want to state:

1) elementary OS takes absolutely *no* control away from the user. The config files are all there at their standard filepaths. I'm happy with it as-is.
2) I do disagree with the *marketting* around FlatPak, etc. But I'll let experienced packages judge the software itself.
3) From looking at it's code, systemd looks far more modular than is often claimed. Still I wouldn't hard depend on it...


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If you don't have ADHD, imagine having the ability to function at your peak level of performance for the maximum amount of time you can physically do it with almost limitless focus and passion. Now imagine using that ability to analyze, on an academic level, the entire TV series Scrubs over a weekend instead of cleaning your home, grooming, attending to relationships, or doing homework, drinking water, etc.

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@mathew @haitch
Engelbart was trying to optimize the kind of collaboration that already existed in institutions: small teams with big budgets, inventing things together. Not, like, wikipedia.

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@enkiv2 Thinking about this again tonight.

I'm more strongly Nelsonian in the sense that I've always recognised that there's a political fight to be fought. The marxian/trotskyist metaphor is more of a simile to me, or somewhere halfway.

Doug saw bureaucracy as something to be navigated, with hierarchy as a fact of life, as it can be argued that he started work on his lifelong vision around the time he was in the military, and his breakthrough developments happened within that same structure.

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Canada’s last intact #Arctic ice shelf collapses after years of warmer summers

#Canada's 4,000-year-old #Milne #IceShelf on the northwestern edge of #EllesmereIsland had been the country's last intact ice shelf until the end of July when ice analyst Adrienne White of the Canadian Ice Service noticed that #satellite photos showed that about 43% of it had broken off. She said it happened around July 30 or 31.

#ClimateCrisis #Cryosphere

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