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I wish I had more time to discuss Terry Stanley's distributed debugger. The part she explained to me was very intriguing.

New Dercuano version:

New stuff on sparse linear image filtering and sparse filter design in general, structure from shading, dehalftoning and halftone detection, bokeh (and removing it), high-speed camera hardware, vertical agriculture, subliminal signaling, bionic hearing, rapid laser deflection, function plotting, and interval trees. So much left to write!

"Well there are a lot of confused arguments being made."

"There certainly are! If you think more carefully and pay more attention to what I'm saying, you can stop making them."

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@codesections can you imagine what shell scripts would have been like with an APL keyboard to play with?

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1995: Computers are "anything machines". You can create music, write programs, do word processing, and network with anyone all over the world. And you can do them all simultaneously.

2019: In order to even think about using our web page you'll want to download the app onto your phone so we can track the living shit out of you and make sure you keep your full attention on US.

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hmmmm... do we have an open streaming platform like peertube yet? not that I think peertube is all it could/should be, but it feels like there's a niche we haven't really worked on that could use some serious effort, since the two main options (twitch and youtube) are pretty crap.

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@kragen check out firefox's reading mode (Ctrl+Alt+R or the "printed page" icon in the address bar, right side)

Hey, I just noticed that websites like are a lot more readable in links (the browser) if you follow the "amphtml" link Google is strong-arming them to place in the header. Helps Google, but also helps links! Links is also way lower bandwidth and ligher on CPU than more capable browsers.

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More deletions later, LoC in my fork of the Linux kernel are down from 27.1M to 12.3M. Goal is to only support lowest-common-denominator devices.

(My line-counting was way off earlier in this thread.)

I just learned how to get matplotlib imshow and matshow to not be upside down: origin='lower' or origin='upper'. I was doing this sparse-filter cascade approximation of a Gabor wavelet convolution: (explanation in

New version of Dercuano:

Lots of new stuff about RL78 microcontrollers, the 8080 instruction set (in octal), AM-radio energy harvesting, AVR bitbanging, relational queries by pattern-matching on text files, multitouch and accelerometer puppeteering, database indexing for neighborhood search with a startling connection with morphology, differentiable neighborhood regression, autism, gold-leaf microstructures and metamaterials, "everything is money", and recycled materials

New version of Dercuano:

New stuff about local search, linear optimization software and applications, cold plasma oxidation, things in Dercuano that would be big if true, and heat exchangers.

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I posted a comment to the orange website about encyclopedias and the possibilities of interactive learning tools:

New version of Dercuano:

New stuff about robust hill-climbing algorithms, linear regression with complex numbers, robot design, economic specialization, and more on unistroke recognition.

Current Dercuano is

New stuff about unistroke recognition, approximate convolution, sandwich theory, 3-D printing with needles, cardboard furniture, and terrestrial lithium reserves, among other things.

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I just uploaded a new version of Dercuano:

It now contains about 3500 pages rather than the 3000 a month ago. New notes cover topics including sundial design, scratch holograms, bootstrapping in assembly language, the photosynthetic efficiency of crassulacean acid metabolism, why weirdness is a good life strategy, Bitcoin, dielectric spectroscopy, self-modifying 8080 machine code, fractional-reserve banking, the method of secants, and conical Chinese windlasses.

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My new Assembly syntax:

SubX can now build itself! 9kLoC in 1.5s. Caveats:

1. Zero error checking. You still need the C++ translator for development (just like a text editor and other tools).

2. Some programs compile with the C++ translator but not the self-hosted one. Ones with no `Entry` labels, no `data` segments, or with uppercase hex will throw errors. However, it's a bug if a program successfully compiles but generates a different binary.

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