Never forget: a more appealing word for "vapid" is "relatable". This post is very relatable.

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In the last few months:
- Tumblr purged adult content (and a bunch of stuff it misindentified).
- Flickr purged free storage above a limit of 1000 photos/account.
- Myspace deleted 12 years' worth of music.

And Google+ only has two weeks left before Google pulls its plug.

Back up your accounts!

And if you can, consider donating to the Internet Archive.

Because the hellsite has no CW feature I can't safely open it at the office because my screen randomly fills with boobs

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@freakazoid i've yet to see a blocklist that has actually been worth using. on twitter, we have ggautoblocker which is operated by a TERF, for example.
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Iraq politics, Dalai Lama Show more

Iraq politics, Dalai Lama Show more

HOLY SHIT @rain shows me that Mencius Moldbug was ALSO in the cDc, at least in 1993:

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I added a Mandelbrot zoomer in 55 lines of Lua to the Yeso repo:

It's pretty fast!

The original version was only 30 lines, but then I added keybindings to zoom, pan, and adjust the iteration limit.

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someone on social media: opinion, noise, opinion.

me: ok, why do you think that?

someone on social media: angry denouncement of non-conforming heresy

me: do you have references to back up that claim?

someone on social media: I'm not doing your research for you.

me: what you mean is, you haven't done any research, you're just repeating whichever noises you've heard on the subject most often, and you don't like having that exposed by being asked for references.

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@sir or "I don't have anything to say, so I don't need free speech"

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Saying "I'm not going to read the code so it's okay if it's not free/open-source" is like saying "I don't vote so it's okay if not everyone is allowed to"

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@mntmn This is the "main" project page, which is due for a serious overhaul. Not kept up to date.

This is my project page:

This is my Fossil repository for the Kestrel-2DX, a kind of proof-of-concept for the Kestrel-3's CPU (if you read about the KCP53000 CPU, this is the project where it was developed):

And finally, the dev repo for the #Kestrel3 itself:

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tired: nuclear power is dangerous, look at the accidents
wired: nuclear power accidents get a ton of press, but they are very uncommon when you look at how many reactors have gone through their entire service lives and never seen trouble
inspired: nuclear power could fail catastrophically once a week and it would still kill fewer people and damage the environment far less than our current fossil fuel power infrastructure does without any accidents at all

youtube-dl --write-auto-sub --sub-lang en,es -w -f '[height<600]'

(Future By Design, about the late Jacque Fresco)

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