provider shuts down. 😓 But with some magic, migration is easy. helps.

1️⃣ Export contacts: `bin/roster-migrate -j -w export -f kontakte.csv`
2️⃣ Choose new server, e.g.
3️⃣ Import contacts: `bin/roster-migrate -j name@neuer.server -w import --sendSubscriptionRequest -f kontakte.csv`
4️⃣ Done! 🙆

More: (German only) and @nuron



Wow, thanks @nuron!

That's great, with it's even easier. Just took some time to find the option. 😉

1️⃣ Set up old an new account in Gajim.
2️⃣ In account manager navigate to new Account.
3️⃣ Choose → Generalt → Import contacts and pick your account.
4️⃣ Done! 🙆

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