I keep wondering what it would be like if I stuck to #Emacs bindings instead of using evil-mode.

I've used Vim bindings all over the place for years, and I love them. Evil works really well in Emacs but it's not perfect. I'm also willing to bet things overall would be more consistent if a larger more disruptive package were not on board.

I've installed god-mode for now, and I'm giving it a 3rd shot.

@trevdev I grew up on emacs bindings and I find them very natural. I like that they are mnemonic. *F*orward *B*ack, *N*ext, *P*revious. And they aren't bound to any one text direction, forward does not always mean right.

@yisraeldov many vim motions are too. While I see your point I'm still getting used to them. So far it's going well

I'm using the emacs bindings, too. Esp. since I don't like modal editing.
Anyhow, after I learned about xah fly keys, I might give them a try:
»Xah Fly Keys is more efficient than vim, or any keybinding set in history. xah-fly-keys.el is a modal editing mode for emacs, like vi, but the design of key/command choice is based on command frequency statistics and ease-of-key score. Most frequently used commands have most easy keys.«

@kirschwipfel @yisraeldov Xah thinks all of his stuff is the greatest emacs stuff in history 🤣

@xahlee's last few mastodon toots are premium, too, just like his elisp :emacs:

@yisraeldov @kirschwipfel

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