Did I already mentioned how slow programs became? Not only in running, but also in compiling.

On codeberg.org/Windfluechter/bui you can find the source code of buildd.net, a framework to monitor the network back then. Originated from monitoring the buildds on .

However, see & compare the times of e.g. binutils over time...

The database still exists, but the buildd.net project itself not.

Ah, what I intended to say at the beginning:

When we talk about we should also think about code complexity and code sizes. Letting just the compiler do the optimizations will result in larger packages and longer build times and thus in more wasted energy.

Invest the energy instead into designing an optimized code right from the start - inside of your brain. Think about yourself, where you can optimize your code. Don't let the optimizer of your compiler do it for you.

From the...


We should also talk about static vs. dynamic linking and abiut "build everything from source all the time".

and are good (well, actually bad) examples for how alone the choose of programming language determines the waste of resources.

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