Submissions to guix-patches keep increasing, but the rate at which they’re closed doesn’t quite keep up: (see “All bugs ever opened”)

How do #FreeSoftware projects encourage committers to review? Any insight to share?

#Guix thread:

(HT to zimoun)


Would be interesting to know why people are not reviewing. Anyhow, asking those who are not here is an issue :-/

Speaking for myself: I unsubcribed guix-pathes long ago, since there have been to many pathes and discussions - and in the mail-based workflow issues keep open/unread (in my inbox) even if done. Using debuts in emacs I never got familiar with.

Maybe(!) mail-based workflow is what hinders people. Welcome to the old discussion about tooling. Not even sure, tooling will help.

@kirschwipfel @civodul I think tooling is major, I think providing tools to reviewers to quickly address reviews at a glance (UI/UX!!) certainly motivates reviews. You feel discouraged when you know something could be automated and you do it lots of time everyday. When I was still contributing to the project I tried raising that argument of tooling to motivate reviews, I think everyone is kind of burnt out so it's easy to raise that point but difficult to solve

@kirschwipfel I think it’s a problem for a committer to not be on guix-patches since that leaves the reviewing burden on others.

I understand that email-based workflows is a hindrance to some, just like web-based workflows are a hindrance to others.

In terms of tooling, was developed to help those who prefer a web interface. Perhaps a starting point?

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