i ran through the rust “getting started” page (rust-lang.org/learn/get-starte). it's a hello-world project that has the rust crab mascot say hello, and consists of 10 lines of code actually written.

it results in pulling in 25 separate dependencies totalling up to 97 megabytes.

for reference the entire cowsay source is 168 lines/4 kilobytes of perl.

@nytpu Not to say that's not surprising, but perl packages on my machine appears to be 162MB. :/

@cstanhope But that's for all perl stuff on your system, cowsay itself uses precisely zero (0) external dependencies, only perl core modules that are always bundled with every perl install. These rust deps are all required by the hello-world program specifically, and even worse they're all indirect dependencies that I didn't even explicitly add.

@nytpu True, it's not an apples to apples comparison. I didn't try to exclude perl packages I never explicitly installed. So, does the resulting executable need all 97MB? Or is that just from all the build cruft?

(And I don't mean to bother you. I've been meaning to go and learn some Rust, so maybe I should go do that now and not pester somebody on the internet.)

@cstanhope @nytpu Doesn't answer the original question, but Rust has been used for a winning 4k intro:

So it's not like it can't be small, it's just that the package ecosystem has issues.
The bigger issue to me is that if you build a different executable, all the shared dependencies are compiled again. Compiling any Rust package on Guix is a bit of a nightmare.


Agreed! 's build-system is cruft. Even when reusing a crate from the very same filesystem-place, it gets compiled again for each package using it
@cstanhope @nytpu

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