At the end of a super long, break-ass day, do you ever want to just sit in the dark, in total quiet, and just drink?

I went and saw it in the theater just for shits and giggles. I actually thought it was really cool how Satan was depicted. He was my favorite character. He needed more lines though.

Anyone watch the show Cobra Kai? Just dropped off an Uber delivery at this house and in the drop off notes, it said it was the Cobra Kai mansion. Guess I have to watch the show now.

Remember that old Sesame Street song about the people in your neighborhood?

Seen the preview for this show "Little Demon" a couple times and wasn't that interested until I saw that evangelicals are losing their minds over it. Watched the first episode last night. Cute show. Decently funny. Will watch the rest when the whole season is out.

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