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Scummy Businesses 

Good! We need more unions, especially in the game industry!

Kyle Orland: Members of Activision’s Raven Software QA team form a union


Business Monopolies 

Fuck Microsoft and all other massive corporation out there. Especially fuck Bill Gates and those like him! 😠

SomeOrdinaryGamers: I Don't Like Microsoft Buying Activision...


@cosmo Here's the music video for one of our favorite songs!

Jonathan Young: Army Of Tigers (Original Song)


Time to take spinning top battles to the next level!

Steve Mould: How Does The Mirror Make It Spin?


Heavy, Transitioning 

I'm glad she was able to share such a personal story. It's also heartbreaking she had to go through that in the first place.

Jessie Gender: The Hell of Transgender Puberty


It's still odd (though fun) to see this series back.

Lowbrow Studios: Sonic For Hire: Season 8 - The Complete Season



It's sad how basic discussion of sexuality and gender identity is political and seen by some as inherently sexual.

Kyle Orland: Tabletop Simulator removes global chat amid LGBTQ moderation controversy


Well, now we know what Tom is going to do if he gives up YouTube.

Tom Scott: There's a £100,000 coin buried under this London building



Eh, he makes about as much sense at Yahweh's relationship requirements.

Oglaf: Lightning Rod


@cosmo and I want to find more stuff to watch, we're running low. Plenty of great anime it seems, but we're still waiting on dubs. 😞

Mother's Basement: The BEST Anime of Winter 2022 - Ones To Watch


"Horizon Zero Dawn" ended up with a DRM-free release. I hope "God of War" 2018 gets the same treatment!

GOG Community Wishlist: God of War (2018)


Unfortunately, I'm not really into alcohol, coffee, or tea.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Local


I just focus on avoiding sugar where possible. It's hard here in the USA, but I've felt a lot better since.

AsapSCIENCE: The Biggest Lie About Calorie Counting


Right to Repair, Racism, Politics 

*Lovely*. Not only do people have to deal with bullshit around repairing their own equipment, but racism is even involved when they go through *official* channels for repairs. 😣️

Louis Rossmann: Farmers seek jury trial against John Deere for anti repair practices


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