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Conversation today:

Other: Oculus Rift is so great!
Me: Too bad it's tied to Facebook.
Other: What's so terrible about that?
Me: Uh, I just told you.

I have 3 problems here.
1. Accidentally flagged a safe square (at least 2 spaces with mines left, but counter says 1)
2. The straight up 50/50 right side, mid-bottom
3. The squares with no info top mid (may be solved once I fix my mine count)
So close to an 80x80/999

Yoooo what a nuts burst 10 word. I try not to practice 10 word much, but every once in a while it's cool to see my top speed increase so much and then go back to actually practicing my overall speed

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Daaaamn a 30s test where I didn't choke down 10wpm in the last few seconds. Let's go

Just got to the Torvus Bog in my replay of Prime 2, and coincidentally this is also how it looks outside my house right now (disclaimer: lighting color may not be accurate)

Okay, actually I've thought about it, and there's one Nintendo series that could really blow me away by having some "Unreal Engine; hire this man" type graphics, and that's the Metroid Prime series.

Uhhhh apparently the Colorado river is blocked by a mud slide where I live (in CO, relatively near the source, compared to how many people it reaches). I haven't seen/heard how much, if anything, is flowing through still, but I imagine that could cause a lot of problems downstream. I'm sure it's also going to be awful to clear out. Kinda hard to fully comprehend what this might mean

Metroid Prime is still a fantastic game. It does an amazing job at making Samus feel badass, and has tons of interesting lore for the series. This was my nth time playing through the game, and I still loved scanning everything along with all the action.

I'm pretty surprised by how immediately on board so many people were for the Steam Deck. Personally, that's one In really going to need to wait and see before I think about getting one

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Friend: It's impossible to guess a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with no letters


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Birdsite just decided to start removing users' ability to sort tweets by "latest" (chronologically) on desktop instead of letting their crappy algorithm decide what users should and shouldn't be allowed to see from the people they're following, so now's as good a time as any to point all your tweety-bird friends to joinmastodon.org and get them started here on fedi.

Damn, ☄️ Suisei is amazing with Maroon 5 songs.

Cardi B makes money moves
Hentai artists make bunny boobs

>manager "washed" all the pans for me while I was busy
>pans were still so greasy when I went to put them away that I nearly dropped them all

Nintendo being jealous again. Community modded in better netcode to 20 year old game that didn't have it than Nintendo put in their new game. Melee tournaments wouldn't even be possible during the pandemic without the work of the community to give it netcode.

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me: man, minecraft combat feels so different in multiplayer. the lag makes it so much squishier and less satisfying. I wish they could fix that

microsoft: got it, we’ll add server lag to single player

me: wait what

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