Nintendo being jealous again. Community modded in better netcode to 20 year old game that didn't have it than Nintendo put in their new game. Melee tournaments wouldn't even be possible during the pandemic without the work of the community to give it netcode.

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me: man, minecraft combat feels so different in multiplayer. the lag makes it so much squishier and less satisfying. I wish they could fix that

microsoft: got it, we’ll add server lag to single player

me: wait what

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do i need to melt my own blood before playing melty blood to get the most out of it or will the game melt my blood for me?

let me know so i can preheat my curling iron

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Twitter being dumb has me really wanting to get back to using Mastodon, but I really want to convince more of my friends to come use it with me

Everyone's like "Oh, how great Elizabeth Warren left subtle hints for the BLM movement" but like... it really shouldn't be subtle. Actually say that black lives matter, you cowards. Fight for black lives, don't wink and nod at them.

US Politics 

The Dems seem to be on a mission lately to prove that they're just the same party as the Republicans and that they're probably less bothered by Trump winning again than any 3rd party candidate winning. They're also dead set on making sure Biden doesn't get my vote, BUT

Question for LGBTQ and/or non-white folks: do you feel that Trump has emboldened bigots to the point that it significantly affects you, and do you think it's worth voting Biden to get rid of that (if he even will)?

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Don't believe the hype (propaganda) about cops taking the knee with protestors. The cops did this in multiple cities only to tear gas and beat the shit out of protestors minutes later.

Today, on a delivery, a little kid was translating for her Spanish speaking parents. While her parents went to get the money for the food, she told me a story about her pet fish. It was adorable.

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This news of the US leaving the World Health Organization seems... not good.

Hello, Mastodon. I was originally looking for an alternative to Twitter because I disliked some of the changes they were making to the site, but what really pushed me to join was the decentralization of this platform and the fact that it can't quite be shut down if the world goes crazy.


All friendly creatures are welcome. Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general! (only with prior permission)