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Jobalarm! 👩‍💻⏰ Bei gibt’s ab März eine 15-Stunden-Stelle in Rostock, für studentische Mitarbeit bei #jugendhackt:

I was going to announce it a bit later and more properly, but Mastodon received a $70k grant from Samsung NEXT through OpenCollective. I intend to make it available to those who contribute to the project, and have already notified some of the most regular contributors. The way OpenCollective works is that anyone can submit an expense and all transactions are listed transparently. It also holds the money.

As for myself, I intend to continue using Patreon for my own wage/costs.

I just enabled XMPP for my node on so that all users there can also enjoy the XMPP experience! (well, sort of ;-))

But hey, potentially >650 new XMPP users there...

Let's see how this evolves... ;)

XMPP for all Nerdica.Net Users

!Nerdica Forum

As yesterday already pointed out, I worked on enabling XMPP for all Friendica.Net users. A short test showed that this was successful, at least as far as I could test it.

So, what's this XMPP stuff is all about?

What is XMPP?
XMPP, or formerly known as Jabber, is a protocol for instant messaging. You can read the XMPP article in Wikipedia if your interested in details.
XMPP is similar to Friendica in that it is a federated protocol as well as email is. So, there is no central server infrastructure like for Facebook, but basically everyone can run his/her own server, if wanted. But you don't need to! There are hundreds of free XMPP servers out there where you can register an account. As an user of Nerdica.Net you already have an XMPP account with the same address as your Friendica account: <username>

How can I use XMPP?
There are multiple options.

1) Within your profile settings you can find XMPP addon in Friendica. Just activate it and enter your login/password again.

2) You can also visit this site which is my main XMPP server on the same server, but a different virtual machine. There you can also enter your Nerdica.Net account in the format of <username> and your password to login to use an XMPP client in your browser window.

3) On your PC or laptop you can install a XMPP or multiprotocol client like Pidgin, Gajim, Jitsi or whichever client you like. Again, just enter your <username> and password and have fun!

4) For your mobile usage you can install ChatSecure from Apples AppStore on iOS devices or Conversations from Googles PlayStore. Both a state-of-the-art clients for mobile.
Why should I use XMPP?
You are already using a free, open and federated network when
you use Friendica on this node. You are doing this because you enjoy the benefits of it. Not being dependent from a big company that just want to sell your personal data is a good thing in itself. Google, Facebook and others have also used XMPP for their instant messengers in the past, but decided at some point to close it down and make proprietary messengers out of this to lock you in their own infrastructure. From then on you needed a Google Talk account if you wanted to chat with your friends at Google, or a Facebook account when your friends used Facebooks messenger.
With a free, open and standardized protocol like XMPP you are no longer locked in by a company. Instead you have the freedom to choose the best solution for your secure communication with your friends! Help to keep the Internet free and open by using federated, open and standardized protocols and software!

Ok, but what's the downside of this?
Honestly, I can't imagine of any downside. Maybe the only one is that there is no central directory of contacts and you cannot easily find your friends by looking up their names or phone numbers in an addressbook. But from the privacy aspect viewed even this is more a positive thing.

So, feel free to test it out! You can even have a group chat, a so called multi-user conference (MUC). I've setup on for you at - feel free to join!
XMPP Test for Nerdica.Net Users

!Nerdica Forum

Today I worked a little bit on connecting Nerdica.Net and my XMPP server. In the end that would mean that every user of Nerdica.Net would automatically get an XMPP address as well (XMPP formerly known as Jabber).

If there's anyone willing to test this, please drop me a private message!

@ulrichkelber - ebenfalls willkommen im Fediverse!

Ist der Account nun eher so etwas wie ein Experiment oder soll das was Ernsthaftes werden? (Ich hoffe letzteres, kann aber ersteres verstehen). 🙂

Im übrigen glaube ich, dass die Apple-Reseller Kette von gegenueber mir da doch erheblich Geld abgeknöpft hätte...

PS: die Tastatur fühlt sich auch ein wenig ungewohnt an, weil das gesamte Oberteil wohl getauscht wurde.

Heute morgen um 9:00 mein MBP 2016 mit Akku-Schaden (ging bei 30-50% Restakku einfach spontan aus) zu einem kleinen Apple Händler in der Stadt zur Reparatur gebracht.

Grad um 17 Uhr wieder abgeholt.

Die spannende Frage war, ob das nun 200.- oder >400.- EUR kosten würde?

Des Rätsels Lösung: es hat 0.- EUR gekostet, da Apple sämtliche Kosten im Rahmen der a) Gewährleistung innerhalb der 2 Jahre übernimmt und b) das wohl ein Serienproblem mit dem Akku war.

Glück gehabt! 🙂

Elegant, wie die "Vernichtung" der Pro #Smartmeter Argumente durch den Rechnungshof an einem Freitag versteckt wurde.

Erwartete (politische) Konsequenzen: 0
Hat wieder gut funktioniert.

@Gargron - hmmm, seems as if have some SQL issues after upgrading to v2.7.0.
According to mail notification, there is a pending follow request, but when clicking on "Follow Request" the is nothing.
When reloading the page I get "internal server error" displayed on buttom left.

In syslog I get this when reloading:

For all users of

I've upgraded this instance today to newest release v2.7.0.

One of the new features is the local user directory of this instance. You have to opt-in in your user profile to be listed:

Wir sind kurz vor dem nächsten #Friendica Release. Wir haben für dieses Release 132 Issues bearbeitet und 377 Pull Requests erstellt.

Dies alles ist von Anfang September bis heute geschehen. D.h. pro Tag haben wir ein Issue bearbeitet und 2-3 Pull Requests erstellt. Ich finde das super! Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten, egal ob ihr programmiert, getestet oder "einfach nur" eure Wünsche geäußert habt!

#UNICEF wants to invest in #FreeSoftware "The Fund provides investment-style funding for early-stage, #OpenSource technology solutions that address the most pressing challenges faced by children and young people", further "UNICEF requires that all code, content or hardware developed and tested be open source and be publicly available."... Great initiative!

@jcbrand - I get it slowly starting with conversejs, but for some strange reasons it doesn't want to connect via bosh nor websocket, although prosody states that both is working. I've put up some information on - maybe you have an idea...?

The best antidote to Facebook et al is just to continue building viable communities outside of those systems, using open protocols.

in setzt dem bis diesen Freitag eine Frist, die unverschlüsselte Übertragung von skameras zu beenden, ansonsten gibt es eine Unterlassungsverfügung.
Begründung u.a. der Leak von Promis und Politikern dieser Tage.

Kam eben im Nordmagazin im NDR TV, wenn ich das alles so richtig mitbekommen habe.

Finde ich bemerkenswert, daß plötzlich reagiert wird.

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