Friendica 2020.09 Released

We are happy to announce the availability of Friendica Red Hot Poker 2020.09, wrapping up the work over the summer. It bundles some exciting new features and enhancements with numerous fixes along the way. This release is composed of 230 pull requests to the development branch, that close 65 numbered tickets and enhanced several aspects […]

@Mosti the usual ones that also apply to Twitter: use hashtags, watch the timeline for interesting topics and people, follow them, built your own network that matches your interests... :)

@reticuleena Ja, absolut gefaehrliches Subjekt! Man erkennt das ja schon an seinem durchtriebenen, harmlos desinteressiert wirkenden Blick... der hat's doch faustdick hinter den Ohren!



Finished integrating a group chat and videoconferencing system for our research team based on and #conversejs. XMPP is really nice and powerful and paired with WebRTC it rocks.


Die #BigBrotherAwards sind fester Kristallisationspunkt und Aushängeschild der deutschen Bürgerrechtsbewegung, die für eine lebenswerte Welt im digitalen Zeitalter kämpft. Ich gratuliere herzlich zum 20. Jubiläum. Verfolgt den Livestream:

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Speaking of - if & Co wouldn't store all that data then how much could be saved to reduce ?

From Tristan Harris, co-founder

"The Social Dilemma" has completely popped and gone viral:

#3 in Top Movies in U.S. across Netflix.
#6 in Top 10 across all Netflix categories.

Best way you can help spread the word: Host a screening with friends who are less likely to hear about the film.

The film makes concepts of #surveillancecapitalism and #privacy infringement we all know about, accessible to a broader public, in a way they feel impact personally.

Hmmm, nice on : "The Social Dilemma"... watching it for maybe 10 mins now, but looks promising so far...

@kuketzblog Hmmm, was ich dabei nicht verstehe: Wieso ist M365 fuer Behoerden/Schulen ungeeignet? Das hoert sich danach an, als wenn es fuer Andere wie Unternehmen, oeffentlichen Dienst unproblematisch waere bzw. es fuer Behoerden und Andere unterschiedliche Datenschutzgesetze gaebe...

@mjasinski Regelmaessige Posts werden halt belohnt. Ich kenn das aus meiner aktiveren Blogzeit noch, als ich pro Tag 1-2 Artikel rausgehauen habe.

War dann aber doch recht anstrengend ueber die Jahre. Insofern kann ich das von 5 auf 4 Artikel mehr als verstehen. :)

@kirschwipfel es gab ja auch die Idee, die Warnungen per XMPP zu verschicken. Per Push hatte man dann recht zuegig und halbwegs zuverlaessig eine Benachrichtigung.

Das mag ja alles fuer normale Krisenfaelle nett sein, aber fuer grossere Faelle mit Ausfall der Infrastruktur ist das auch nicht geeignet.

Aber ja, in der Timeline geht sowas halt im Notfall unter...

the next m68k developers evening chat:

Friday 25st September 2020, 19:00 H CEST (5:00 PM UTC)

Topic: EmuTOS release 1.0 - Presentation and Discussion

Location (will be online approx. 30 Minutes before the meeting starts)

Ok, tried this for some time now, but somehow it doesn't work...
I'd like to have a ACL to block mails based on Reply-To addresses found in a blacklist.

Here's some more information:

Ok, tried this for some time now, but somehow it doesn't work...
I'd like to have a ACL to block mails based on Reply-To addresses found in a blacklist.

Here's some more information:

@Muto @tigase @nezhac but then again when leaving a MUC on mobile results in deleting the MUC, it's gone on your desktop as well... don't think this what you want either..


@tigase @Muto @nezhac Hmmm, I think I like the idea of having bookmarks. In your browser you have bookmarks as well and not every site your want to eventually visit open all the time.

Of course, when there is no bookmarks management, then it would be better to remove a bookmark when leaving a MUC, but I guess that could interefere with other clients and would also cause complaints.

You could ask on MUC leave whether or not the MUC should be removed from bookmarks, maybe...

@Muto @tigase @nezhac yeah, to be honest I also had that issue with Dino, IIRC... it seems to be a general, broader issue to me...

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