@blub - Hmmm, bei klarschiff-hro.de waere doch auch ein Mastodon Share Button huebsch, oder? Vermutlich sinnvoller als der Diaspora Button inzwischen... ;)

@d4m13n Wem genau soll die Partnerschaft 1 Mrd. Gewinn bringen? Der Deutschen Bank oder Google? ;)

I've been pushing XMPP a lot lately. Signal is a fantastic bit of software that's FOSS and best for privacy, but the platform isn't really open. It's ultimately controlled by Moxie and the Signal Foundation. They don't want it federating with other servers, the client isn't designed to handle multiple accounts for possible multiple servers, and they don't want any other clients connecting to their server.

I'd rather just stick to XMPP and help it improve.

#XMPP #Signal #Privacy #FOSS

@Gargron ah, you're right... moved Mastodon from one VM to another VM last weekend and while RAILS_ENV is set to production in cron script it is not yet set in Bash environment...

Will fix that now!

Thanks for the quick reply! :)

@Gargron Not sure if 3.1.5 is faulty or if its something on my installation going wrong...

According to my log mails my nightly mainteance script ran just fine yesterday while bin/tootctl gives an error today with 3.1.5...


@Hamiller Ich hab mir die beiden Zyxels auf Ebay geholt... eins hat sogar nur 1.- € gekostet... hab dem Verkaeufer 15.- ueberwiesen...

@kirschwipfel @js @mattj There is a drawing of how Cisco Jabber does this and I think it's more or less valid for all implementations: cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voic

So, there is the APNS and another server inbetween. For Monal it's ios13push.monal.im for Siskin/Beagle it's push.tigase.im. Usually you can see those connections in your server logs...

The current state of #XMPP iOS clients certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But I'm very excited about the rate of progress recently.

We now have a growing number of people making it their mission to ensure XMPP gets the first-class iOS experience it desperately needs.

Make sure to provide the developers feedback. If you find a bug that isn't reported, or that you could provide additional insight into, that is a really helpful way to contribute to improving the future of XMPP on iOS.

We can do this! 😎

@aral I missed listening to the live stream, but I was able to watch the recording at heyst.ac/lectures/in-conversat

@laura : It was a good talk, and I'm glad I had a chance to catch up on it. Thank you!

Hmmm, sorry for the downtime, but I felt like moving the Mastodon installation from the old virtual machine to a larger virtual machine. That took a little longer than expected, but it seems to work now...

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