When you left your old company and chat with one of the service partner engineers via and he tells you this:
"I'm very thankful because it was a great project. And really I was happy to work with you and costa guys. We have been a great team"

... and you know it's true, because he was always there for you, even without sales order or project code and helped a lot of problems to solve - because he likes to work on that project.

Sometimes there are good IT stories as well - like this.

Apropos: wer die Nase voll von / hat, kann ja mal ausprobieren, zum Beispiel auf hookipa.net/

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Kommste morgens an den Arbeits-Laptop, hängt erstmal mit "Keine Rückmeldung". Killste das Ding im Taskmanager, sagt es dir "Lync... Startvorgang" und ist dann weg.
a) Warum hängt S4B ständig? (mehrmals die Woche)
b) Ist das so normal, dass es hängt?
c) Warum heißt es S4B, wenn es Lync ist oder vice versa?
d) Warum sagt es beim Beenden "Startvorgang"?
e) Wieso braucht es beim Start so lange?
f) Wieso zeigt es mir die letzten Chats (Inhalt) nicht an?
g) WTF?


There will be another upcoming weekend. The topic is on UX and features.

See more details here: wiki.xmpp.org/web/Sprints/2020

Good news for users on : @tigase has released BeagleIM 4.1:
- XEP-0215 Support
- support for /me command
- sharing of multiple files by drag&drop
- support for scaling images
- easier correct message
- etc...
See github.com/tigase/beagle-im/re

Get it while it's hot in the App Store! ;-)

Great news for all users on Apple and : @tigase has released new versions of and :



Available in AppStore, new features:
- working Voice/Video calls with Conversations
- support for MIX chat rooms
- message rectraction
- message correction
- quick reply
- improved PUSH notifications
- improved message sync with MAM:2

You all enjoy statistics and stuff in the ?
Then maybe you know of the-federation.info/ ?

Well, Jason lately wrote this article: jasonrobinson.me/content/54636

So, if you like the-federation.info and be able to contribute with code, then please help this service stay alive!

Released today some small shell script to generate x-nodeinfo2 files for server that is needed to get listed on the-federation.info/

See the-federation.info/ejabberd for some examples...

(you'll need as database backend)


Irgendwie bekomme ich XEP-0156 nicht ans Laufen oder der Check auf Compliance Tester Seite ist kaputt:


Hat da jemand hilfreiche Tipps, was da kaputt sein koennte?

The same also applies to other vhosts on my server like compliance.conversations.im/se - if you register on my node at nerdica.net/ you can also use your credentials for XMPP...

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Which one do you prefer for messaging?

So, jetzt hab ich also auch einen Server und einen Account... und nun? Offenbar selbes Problem wie bei ...

Wer sich verbinden moechte, moege kurz Bescheid geben...


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