Hat sich die letzten Tage was bei in geaendert?

doveadmin user "*" funktioniert nicht mehr. Aber Debian Stable aber sehr wohl und vor ein paar Tagen auch noch auf Unstable...


Hmmm... somehow this seems to be a deadend in on unstable at the moment:

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 8.0.
You are currently running 8.1.2.

Should the "occ upgrade" command be executed? [Y/n]
This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 8.0.<br/>You are currently running 8.1.2.

muaddib:/var/www/nextcloud# apt-cache search php8.0

// @nextcloud

To all developers or other interested people:

I stil have the database of buildd.net with package building information about years (from Nov. 2005 to Jan. 2018).

Is there interest in accessing this data for some (maybe interesting) data analysis? I do believe that the data is quite unique.

For example you can do some nice things like longest buildtimes per arch or average packages per day and buildd. Or you can see how bloated the software became and how buildtimes increased.

Did I already mentioned how slow programs became? Not only in running, but also in compiling.

On codeberg.org/Windfluechter/bui you can find the source code of buildd.net, a framework to monitor the network back then. Originated from monitoring the buildds on .

However, see & compare the times of e.g. binutils over time...

The database still exists, but the buildd.net project itself not.

Aaarrrrgh! auf zu installieren, ist alles andere als straight-forward...

Warum gibt es das nicht als Debian Paket... *grummel*

Debian Bullseye wurde released.

Na und? Warum mich das heute nicht mehr vom Hocker reisst?

Weil nicht mehr die Distribution ist, die sie vorgibt zu sein. Aus dem "Universal OS" ist ein "OS for few archs" geworden. Der Rausschmiss damals von m68k war eine Zäsur. Danach war Debian nicht mehr dasselbe und weitere fragwürdige Entscheidungen wurden getroffen bzw. fragwürdig umgesetzt (systemd, merged /usr, ...)

Viele gute Leute wurden aus dem Projekt gedrängt. Es wird kein aktives...

Having today fun with on (testing/unstable).

When you are coming from an old installation, you might having issues with logging in, because RSA Authentication was removed (as it seems).

What worked for me was:
- remove all deprecated config options (sshd + ssh)
- regenerate host keys by running "dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server"
- regenerate personal keys
- copy over new keys as needed
... and maybe some more little things, I forgot..

Migrating my sites away from 7 to . Maybe I'll migrate some of them later to .

I was an early adopter of Drupal when it appeared in . Then it disappeared from Debian and I migrated my blog to Serendipity . Then Drupal re-appeared again in Debian and I migrated back and got involved into organizing our local Drupal User Group. The DUG organized a barcamp in 2011.

For me, I think, my Drupal time is now more or less over. It got too complicated and complex.


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