Klickste auf nen Link, weil Du den Artikel lesen willst...

Resultat: danke, aber nein danke & tschüss...

Last week in when I left the office, a quick shot from the parking deck. Sadly some reflections in the staircase windows, though...

@Gargron - it seems that default follows is not working properly over here: when empty, none of the admins is followed, when I list the two admins, only kirschwipfel is to be followed, regardless of the order in that line. Shall I create an issue on github or did I missed some config option or so?

Irgendwie stagniert der Traffic bei mir auf dem Server (die Luecke ist nur ein Ausfall des Monitorings)

Erstmal nen Cappuccino... und im Herbst/Winter zeige ich euch vielleicht meine Jabber-Socken... ;)

There was an unused 3000 PSU on Ebay today. It was sold for 151.- €. Quite expensive, but congrats to the buyer. I would have up to 100 €.

When doing a tootctl domains crawl I get many red dots, like 50% or so.
I think this means that those instances/domains are not reachable anymore, i.e. dead.

Bei SPON scheinen Falschfarbenbilder grad fuer Themen der Netzwelt "in" zu sein...

Ist das schon ein Trend? Hat der Kapuzenhacker ausgedient?

For all users of Nerdculture.de:

I've upgraded this instance today to newest release v2.7.0.

One of the new features is the local user directory of this instance. You have to opt-in in your user profile to be listed:

Bad news:

Japan will start commercial again and most likely slaughter thousands of endangered species.

I hope and other will try to stop them. However, from what I understood, Japan is considering actions against whaling an act of terrorism, so some other states need to join here to protect the activists.

To my total surprise I just discovered that I do have a second external floppy drive. No idea where that came from, because I only bought one back then for my , but apparently I have two of them now...

You can see this pause in receiving of messages from federation in the network traffic graph... the large peak is right after the reboot...

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