May I introduce you to the (according to Monthly Active Users)

Also note the general higher usage level in July. So some new users disappeared again, but some stayed on the .


Also, at least anecdotally a lot of people re-activating old accounts, so people who have ever been active more likely to come back in future peaks.

Very promising, all in all :)

@FediThing @ij That was me. I was here quite consistently 2018-2019, drifted without meaning to, and came back during Peak Musk. It wasn’t really to flee the other place, just a reminder to finally do something about coming back to a much better place.

@ij so we just need a few more of these peaks to raise our user baseline ;)

@blacklight Yes. So who wants to buy Twitter next? Trump? Bezos? ;)

@gemlog Doesn't matter. He just kindly asks his fans for donations... ;-)


That's nice. I did expected that all new accounts would have been disappeared after some weeks. I was wrong so there is hope ;-)

@eilatan Just klick on the link in the original post :)

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