Ich wuerde ja gerne auf v3.5.3 upgraden, aber bundle install mag nicht so recht: diverse Module/Libs koennen nicht gefunden werden...

Jemand nen Tipp vielleicht?

Nach einem "bundle config unset deployment" funktioniert bundle install nun...

@ij puh! Ich habe keinen Dunst. Bei mir ging es unter Debian 11. Mehr kann ich nicht sagen.

@ij Do you have it fixed already? 😮

What version of bundler do you use?

@stux Still unfixed... currently rbenv install 3.0.2 runs, because with 3.1.1 I got "Your Ruby version is 3.1.1, but your Gemfile specified >= 2.6.0, < 3.1.0" error.

bundler should be:
mastodon@vserv1:~/live$ gem install bundler
Fetching bundler-2.3.15.gem
Successfully installed bundler-2.3.15

@stux right now yarn install gives this error:

➤ YN0001: │ Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat '/home/mastodon/live/node_modules/emoji-mart/node_modules/emoji-mart-lazyload/node_modules/prop-types/node_modules/loose-envify

@ij hm.. Maybe it's an idea to rm -rf node_modules and reinstall? 🤔

A weird error! Since you are on 3.5.3

@stux Hmmm, that seems to help a little bit, but now I'm running into this:

@stux Nevermind...
npm uninstall webpack
yarn install
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile

worked now... at least without error, but lots of warnings, though...

Now I'm on 3.5.3...

@ij Aahh wait!

I think I see the issue! What version of Yarn do you run? 😮

@ij Could it be 2.x or 3.x?

Since Ive had issues with that and it works right with yarn 1.22.15~

mastodon@vserv1:~$ yarn -v

Same as in host system

@ij huh! that should be good indeed.. 🤔

What about this! You could "clone" a new dir, try to set it up and see if there are any errors? If not you could use that as the new install and move your config, media etc 🤔

It's a bit drastic though..

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