Follow finally is online:

"The project also provides the evaluation machine-readable. Client developers can integrate them in their applications. We approach this topic from a user-centric perspective and question what enables a good first start with when possibly coming from other environments.
We created a separate website to present the results in a nice view. That way, it is convenient to read them. Feel free to take a look:"

@ij thank you, much appreciated. Why is in the C category? It looks to be the same as for ex

@KinmenRisingProject says:

Why not category "A"

Sharing files is not allowed up to a size that is large enough

@kirschwipfel Yeah, but unfortunately my website looks not as good as it should be... ;)

@ij How did end up with a bad rating?

@raucao It's explained in the detailed view and additionally the needed information needs to be in a publicly reachable/visible page on the website.

@ij How is "not free of charge" a bad thing? A service that doesn't charge is often not sustainable and prone to being shut down earlier than a sustainable one. Also, that particular service is now actually free of charge. But that's a hell of a bad reason for downgrading a service at all. I see it as a positive marker, and free service without a sustainable funding model should be a negative one.

The other reasons are also nowhere close to justifying a "do not use" rating.

@raucao I'm not involved in this project, I'm just listed there.

However, it's just a list and the basic idea is (afaik) that App developers can implement this list and also display it differently, like "Do you want a) free or b) paid provider?"

@ij OK, thanks. I'll see if I can give feedback to the maintainers somewhere then. But good to have the data available for app development for sure!

I heard that is free of charge now, but I'm not a member of it, and I don't know for sure.

@ij thank you for this project. I miss my xmpp provider . why it isnt on the list?

@lauchmelder I'm not the one behind that page, just someone whose server is on that list.

So, maybe better ask the team running this service... :-)

@ij It's a noble thing, but the complicated docs for new submissions is going to discourage people from making the effort of submitting their server.

@hund I'm not involved in this project, just listed there.

Yeah, it's a lot of work to get listed, but then again: this might differentiate "serious" providers from those that are less committed to XMPP...

@ij what would be awesome if one could directly see if the server is hosted green. is providing an API for that. Similar as the greenfediverse project is doing it:

created an "issue" for that:

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