Not getting any coding done because GitHub is down? Why not take the opportunity to check out Codeberg (, Gitea ( or GitLab (



@aral I already moved from Github to Codeberg 2 weeks ago...

a) Codeberg is not Microsoft
b) Codeberg is a registered association
c) Codeberg is located in Germany/EU
d) Codeberg is active in the as well at @codeberg


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Gitea is on here too at @gitea πŸ‘

This is a great advert for indie gits πŸ˜ƒ

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Well, I meant: Codeberg is on the Fediverse, but MS not. And hopefully it will stay that way! ;-)

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So what does that mean for users, can I follow my codeberg repo from mastodon ?

@zleap @ij @gitea @aral @codeberg

I don't think the platform itself is connected to the Fediverse.

But I think Gitea is working on federation? And Codeberg uses Gitea? (Not sure if this would link to Fedi though or whether it's just federation of gits)

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Great that you found #forgefriends :D

Even cooler is that an integration with #gitea has already started. Currently @dachary is working on a fork of Gitea and will merge upstream from there.

Can invite anyone - technical, non-technical doesn't matter - to join the community and help the project forward. Every tiny step helps this important initiative :D

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Wow. This is very exciting !! I'm happy that Github was down yesterday haha, because otherwise, I wouldn't have searched on the subject of federation with git. I'm a big fan of GitHub and the possibility to browse millions of open-source projects, but if an open-source and federated alternative exists, I will probably switch !

I will definitely document myself more and follow the progress...

@gitea @FediFollows @ij @aral @codeberg and let's not forget @yunohost - they are not a foundry project themselves, but they make self-hosting of foundries almost trivial:

(by the way, Yunohost, perhaps it is time to move off of GitHub yourselves? :blobcat: )

@aral @codeberg
BTW, here are my repos:

... just some pet scripts (except, but maybe useful for others as well...

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