Did I already mentioned how slow programs became? Not only in running, but also in compiling.

On codeberg.org/Windfluechter/bui you can find the source code of buildd.net, a framework to monitor the network back then. Originated from monitoring the buildds on .

However, see & compare the times of e.g. binutils over time...

The database still exists, but the buildd.net project itself not.

The 4 buildds aahz, arrakis, elgar and kullervo were each with MC68060, 128 MB RAM and sometimes SCSI (arrakis, aahz & kullervo).

Kullervo was the very first autobuilder of Debian in history (AFAIK).
I joined kullervo with arrakis approx. in March 2000. Back then kullervo had a backlog of maybe 2000 packages. And it also hosted the first version of what later became buildd.net.
It consisted of some Rexx and bash scripts.


I operated buildd.net until approx. 2015. The project became too complex with all of its scripts and needed a redesign.

I also operated several Debian autobuilders for the m68k port, without being an official DD, which was something "special" back then and wouldn't be possible today, I think.

I still think that buildd.net was unique and a benefit for the Debian project.

That's some small part of in Open Source Software and Debian in particular.

What's your ?

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