Do you feel productive on your work computer with your operating system and the tools provided by your employer?

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I'm need to work on a Win10 laptop with only 8 GB RAM and I feel that the operating system is not supporting my flow of work nor the hardware (too less RAM). I would guess to be 20-40% more productive when I could choose my own working environment and tools.

What about you?

As a scientist, I'm on the lucky side, and I can install any software I want. However, I'm stuck to my Win10 machine

Its part of both: they know, we know better, which software we need; But they also dont want to maintain several hundreds of different tools.

So it kinda works.

@ij I'm working on my workplace with an Ubuntu system. My employer has given me the possibility of free choice of the development environment between Windows or Ubuntu.

@naldela_teleyal it's a bad thing to be forced working with Windows, but it gets even worse when you can't install other programs that would improve your productivity, because you are no local admin and thus not allowed to do anything on the computer...

Yes, this may make it more simple for the internal IT, but is messing up with lots of other people. I'm unsure if the company benefits in total of this... I doubt it...

@ij How lucky that I am the system administrator in our company. 🤭 However, the free choice of the operating system is valid company-wide, and the possibility to install new programs also exists for employees.
The company where I'm working appeals to the common sense of its employees not to install every nonsense. So far, this has been very successful.

I'm jailed into a Win10 Notebook from my employer as well. No local admin permissions, only software which was approved by the company - which means not even WSL or cygwin (as a Linux admin, which is my official job title ...)

However, since I work from home (hopefully stays this way after the pandemic) and most of my work is research and testing things, I use my private environment for this tasks. I use the company notebook for communicating and accessing internal infrastuctrure only.

The OS is not so cool, but everything works in the cloud now, so the OS does not really play a role any more.
And I love the tools provided. They are just great.
Only... Privatly I would never use them because they are so spy and so monopoly too 🤔

@phil_s For me working on a Windows OS is like teaching a left-handed person to act like a right-handed person. It feels just utterly wrong... and is a constant source of frustration...


I can so much connect to it!
And #windows10 still has blue screens, e.g. when trying to connect with WPA3 😂😭

But nowerdays I only start it, open Chrome and a client. And I can do everything! I barely notice #windows10 any more!
I feel very lucky. That's all proprietary stuff too... But I have to admit that proprietary stuff can be ok, too... Even though personally I would not use it.

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