I'm somewhat concerned of the mass of automated generated/forwarded content in the .

It's nice to have some RSS feeds being monitored, but I think we have reached a point where this is too much.

Instead of mirroring news sites we should aim to generate genuine content and/or convince the news sites to open an official Account in the .

Also I don't like all the cross-posts from Twitter. If I would like to see Twitter content, I would be on Twitter.

@snow I even have a cron job to delete accounts of type bot from my Mastodon instance. ;)
But all those RSS Feed mirroring accounts are useless as well, IMHO... I'm thinking about blocking them just for my user or for the whole server... hmmm...

I see ut a bit different:
Bots are an optional feature.
Follow them, if you want.
Dont follow, if you don't.

Most of them don't even appear within the global timeline.
And if you still dont want to see them:
Use a filter and filter anything with 'RT:' and "*"

From my side: please keep them.
So I can see certain twitter stuff without the need to be there.
And I can keep anything within one single app.

@ij My problem with #TwitterBots is that it seems to be people who have caught wind once that #Mastodon is the hot shit. They wanted to be part of it, but they still don't want to invest time in it. So they set up bots that automatically mirror all their tweets to Mastodon.

But they themselves only ever hang out on #Twitter. They've never logged onto Mastodon in person again. Replying to them is useless because they'll never notice, let alone react upon the replies.

@ij you would think news networks would want to have their own instance eh? All the more to curate from a following and taking the middlebird out of the equation in getting their content delivered.

@FoilCandy Well, there is @tazgetroete for example, which seems to be "official". However there is also an inofficial bot at @taz - I would prefer to official one and do not see much sense in the inofficial bot...

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