Great news for all users on Apple and : @tigase has released new versions of and :



Available in AppStore, new features:
- working Voice/Video calls with Conversations
- support for MIX chat rooms
- message rectraction
- message correction
- quick reply
- improved PUSH notifications
- improved message sync with MAM:2

@schusterjunge @tigase lists both as "OMEMO is supported".

However, please be aware that using OMEMO can be challenging.

@ij @tigase @jcbrand Hmm, I don‘t seem to see my entire roster, even when clicking "All". I also got two push notifications "New message" and when I open the app, there is nothing. My server is Prosody. Known bugs? Does it only work with Tigase?

@js @tigase @jcbrand When you mean with New Message notifications that small number on the icon or within the app, then it might be an open notification in your lock screen notification area. Not sure if that is qualifying as a bug or if that's your issue...

@ij @tigase @jcbrand No, I mean an actual notification that pops up and makes a sound with just the text "New message"

@js @ij @jcbrand You should definitely get your complete roster (would you mind reporting; also - if you are an admin of the server could you check server logs that complete roster is being send to the client?)

Regarding double notifications is it possible that your server sends push notifications also for non-actual-message stanzas (i.e. chat state notifications or delivery receipts)?

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