@ij You have done something you shouldn’t have, you created your own migrations based on pghero advice, delete the file you created

@Gargron uhm? Pghero somewhen reported some unknown indices, if that's what you mean... I'm not aware that I created a file... where would I find that file if there is one?

@ij Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. It told you run something on the command line, no?

@Gargron no, actually I deleted the indices in psql... will have to look at the schema file and re-create them later, I think

@ij No, your error complains about a file existing.

@Gargron Hmm, but I didn't create any file in live/ dir... running the script with --trace options doesn't give a hint as well (at least not obvious to me)

@ij Can you search for a file in db/migrations that ends with remove_unused_indexes.rb and then delete the one that is chronologically older?

@Gargron - yeah, moving that file out of path and re-run the db-migration did now the trick... but I really think that I've never touched something in those directories...

Thx anyway for the help! Trying to proceed with the upgrade now :)

@ij Is it possible you did but forgot because it was in 2018?

@Gargron Maybe, but unlikely... Usually I use joe for editing files and there was no backup file from joe there :)

@ij I think pghero tells you to run a command and then generates a file from that command, so you never manually edit the file.

Needless to say, one should not listen to pghero advice, it is often incorrect and such schema adjustments make Mastodon upgrades less predictable.

@Gargron I always wondered why there links to pghero and sidekiq and such in the admin interface anyway...
Maybe removing them by default would be an idea for 3.2.1? ;)

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