@kirschwipfel for IOS/MacOS SiskinIM and BeagleIM works best for me.
For IOS there are also Monal and ChatSecure. For MacOS there is also Monal.

See also

@ij Thanks. I should have be more precise when asking: Which one would you recommend for the normal WhatsApp/Signal-/Threema user, who has now clue and does not care about tech? I want to recommend *one* client for each platform. (I'd even prefer to recommand one client for several platforms :-)

@kirschwipfel Currently I recommend:
- Android: Conversations
- IOS: SiskinIM
- macOS: BeagleIM
- Linux: Dino
- Windows: no idea, maybe Gajim or Dino when there is a Windows port
- Web: ConverseJS

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