@JPEG - in Mast when replying to a Toot and get distracted, you can save the reply as a Draft. But how to get the draft again and then send it? I did somehow managed to sent it, but it was a new toot to Tigase, not a reply to their toot.
Usually I would expect, that when a Draft is saved and I tap on reply again, Mast would ask me whether to make a new toot or work on the saved draft...
Maybe I did something wrong that does not fit into the workflow of the code....

@ij Thank you for letting me know. You can bring up drafts from within the toot composer screen, but there seems to be a bug where it doesn't retain who you were replying to.

@JPEG Another idea when „Load more“ in timeline: make two arrows on left/right to tap and to jump up- or downwards after the additional toots were loaded

@JPEG ah, ok... the arrow changes when crossing the mid of stream... easy to oversee, but then working as expected...

@ij Glad to see you found that! But yes I do need to make it more obvious.

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