@tigase - in BeagleIM there seems to be no nick name completion with Tab key in MUCs?

@ij you should use `@` symbol - afterwards you will see list auto-complete list of nicknames.

@tigase - yes, true for Mastodon... but not true for (nearly) all other XMPP clients I know/use, nor for IRC...

There were times on IRC where you got kicked out of the channel when you addressed someone with "@user" instead of "user:" ;-)

(beside that, I think the popup window is not usuable when in fullscreen mode, because it pops downward on the last line of the screen)

@ij Well, we already ran into a problem with seding "@nick" in one of the XSF rooms (because it broke nick highlighting in some clients) but after discussing it it was agreed that nothing is defined and this behaviour is neigher correct nor incorrect - XMPP in a nutshell ;-D

As for the issue with pop-up - we welcome all bug reports in our github:

@tigase - that would have been one of my next questions: how do you want me to continue with bug reports.
Think this is now answered ;-)

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