@tigase - BeagleIM always complains about "required authentication mechanism not supported". No idea why. All other clients don't have any issues with the setup...

Any suggestion?

@ij most likely issue with available SASL mechanisms - which XMPP server do you try to connect? You can try enabling XML console (alt+windows menu) and from there see which SASL mechanism XMPP server announces.

@tigase - Server is Prosody 0.11.3, here's the output from the XML console:


@ij Are you the admin of the server? Could you share the server configuration?

@tigase - yes, I am the admin, but maybe Mastodon is not the best way to share the config. See my profile for Matrix or XMPP(=mail) address... :)

@ij OK, we've done some digging in on our part and... it seems like a problem with your server.

You configured DirectTLS (xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0368.h) by including `xmpps-client` SRV record. #beagleim supports DirectTLS and tries to connect on that port however your server, after opening (already encrypted socket!) and opening XMPP stream still sends out `<stream:features><starttls xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-tls'><required/></starttls>` - i.e. tells client to StartTLS *again*

@tigase - Today I cleanup some stuff after running prosodyctl check config and other stuff... and sudenly BeagleIM is working... need to test Siskin as well... :)

@ij This is a bit werid but we are glad that it's working now. Do you know what have you changed?

@tigase - another weird thing: while Beagle connects fine now, Siskin refuses to do so. No idea why...

@ij You still advertise directTLS support (_xmpps-client SRV record: `$ dig SRV _xmpps-client._tcp.jabber.windfluechter.net +short`) and most likely Stiskin gets stuck connecting to it. We improved that in newer development version of Siskin.


@tigase - in the last hour I did some debugging with Zash from Prosody and we seem to have solved the issue...
In the end it was a typo in the config: "legcacy_ssl" instead of "legacy_ssl" setting....

Ohmy... *sigh*

Siskin is now happy as well... :)

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